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So. I have 20,000 words of SPN fic due in 83 days (I have my countdown add-on set to May first at 1800, I feel like Matt in Studio 60).

I also may or may not have any plot.

See the problem is this, I had one idea and then realized I wasn't sure I could take it 20,000 words and then realized I wasn't sure if I had an ending that didn't suck.

So then I had a new idea, a Winchester Survival Guide to genderswapping and bodyswapping and spontaneously sprouting wings and other things like that (Mostly gender and body). And then I realized that while I probably could do that for 20,000 words that doesn't necessarily mean that I should.

So my choices are these:

A) Fic One: Wincest genderswap. Sam and Dean wake up chicks and don't bug because it's not really new to them. They bug eight days later though because it's never lasted more than seven before. Sam being uncomfortable and Dean wanting as much lesbian sex as humanly possible, bra shopping after trying to run and hunt without them, etc, etc.

B) Fic Two: Wincest gender/bodyswap with other cracky parts. Bodyswapping sex done wrong (Sam's brain wants to bottom, Dean's brain in Sam's body wont let Dean's body do it but doesn't want to either, blow-job problems, so on and so forth), wing!fic done annoying (Sam having trouble sleeping because he rolls on them, Dean knocking over everything with his), etc, etc.

C) Fic Three: New fic. Ideas?

Votes? And no, no polls this time because I never remember to check them
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