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Pimp and Love Meme.

You know those new Network Ten promos out with the boys and some of the NCIS and SVU and other characters on it? The one everyone and their cousin has on YouTube?Caps and downloads for the slip itself right here. There's also another clip which I love more there. It's got Jared (as Sam) saying for the promo, "I believe... My brother's gonna get us killed," and then it cuts to Dean for a second and he just lifts and eyebrow like "Eh?" Very cute. Go download now, mmkay?


Love meme.

1) I fangirl you so hard you have no idea. Really, it's insane how very much I worship you. Everything about you is awesome and everything you do is gold.

2) I hate you. I hate you so much and I want to kill you and eat your brain. (Yes, that's a love thing, the person I'm talking to knows how to take this).

3) I get these spontaneous moments when I'm talking to you where I just start flailing randomly because it hits me that I'm actually talking to you.

4) You too.

5) And you, except I would never ever tell you because you would never, ever, ever let me live it down. Which is good because if you did it would be weird.

6) God, you can really do everything, can't you? I am constantly and consistently amazed by how much you do in fandom and how much you do for fandom.

7) You are absolutely, completely, one hundred percent batshit insane and I love you for it.

8) I will always and forever have your back in a fight because I will always and forever remember when we first met and how incredibly sweet and nice you were to me. You had no idea who I was and I was so very out of my element and you were really the only thing that kept me from going in the bathroom and having a panic attack.

9) I honestly have no fucking clue why it took me so long to friend you. You're so awesome and funny and cool and I love how you're almost always happy over something.

10) You, oh vain one? Yeah. You probably think this post is about you, don't you? Don't you?
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