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Supernatural - 0213 - Houses of the Holy

Late because I've only just gotten online with my laptop.


Providence, Rhode Island. No previouslies?

That chick looks fucking creepy. Damn hookers.

The TV Evangelist sounded like Wayne Newton for a second.

What the fuck?

Is that her now?

DUDE! SAMMICH! Good God he looks hot in white.

An angel? With yellow eyes maybe?

I'm totally having Frailty thoughts now.

HA! DEAN! He's having way too much fun on that bed.

"Dean you're enjoying that way too much, it's making me uncomfortable."

Also? Dean's phone is a total product placement.

I knew she was a hooker.

I still love that Dean doesn't believe in Angels or God and Sam might.

"Wait, there's no such thing as unicorns?"

"Always take down your Christmas decorations before New Years or you might get filleted by a hooker from God."

Oh tell me there are gonna be bodies down there. Oh tell me he was fucking Gacy (Like).

UGH! Why's it always gotta be the fucking nails! *Spazzes the fuck out*

Only one body? I feel gipped.

That dude looks fucking creepy too. Is this a theme tonight or something?

Bet Sammy's gonna get visited tonight.

Stab him in the heart! Yeah!


I am one morbid fucker, this I know. Still. I feel gipped that that first dude only had one body down there.

Back on.


As Dean looks longingly at the bed.

"You're like one of those lab rats that presses the pleasure button instead of the food button until it dies."

I am LOVING the nudie chicks decorating the room.


B&E too, And still without gloves.

Locked files; it's gonna be kiddie porn.

It's Pastor Newton! He's killing them!


Dean looks uncomfortable in the church.

Father Gregory's ghost is doing it.

No last rites. It's totally him.

I'm telling you, Sam has to believe. Or at least he thinks he does. His girlfriend died a violent, horrible death and Sam has to hope to himself that she's somewhere better.

I love that Sam prays everyday and has for a long time and I love that Dean didn't know. This isn't because I'm particularly religious but because that totally Kripkes a lot of my thoughts about Sam. Which I shall meta on later.

I knew it! Tell me he's not gonna get told to kill Dean. Cause that would suck ass.

Fucking commercials. Bah.

Back on.

Dude. It knocked him the fuck out!

I thought that was holy water. And then I thought Dean was gonna spit it on Sam.

"Maybe this is God's will." God that's creepy.

The last thing Mary ever said to Dean was "Angel's are watching over us." Man that explains a lot.

Sam doesn't want it to be the priest. He wants it to be an angel so that he can receive redemption.

Okay. Wow. That was a creepy look on his face.

Commercial. Afuckinggain.

Back again.

Dude. The guy's just a kid.

"You're not killin' anyone Sam. I got this guy, you go do the seance."

Okay. So Yuss thinks they're all pedophiles. I pointed out that the first dude's vic looked a normal age. This one... Maybe he tries to daet-rape her?

Sam speaking Latin wins hard.

Ooh. Caught. That looks bad.

Oh no! It's gonna tell him to kill Sam! Oh God.

And poor Sam, he sounded so DOWN. "Its just Father Gregory."

...Oh no. Tell me dude's not gonna try and kill Dean.

Date-rape, I called it.

Come on Dean!


Come on, that crappy piece of shit can't outrun the Metallicar!

Holy shit! He died anyway!



I almost want Dean to make a Final Destination reference even though it'd break the mood.

Back on.

Dean's gotta be having a bit of an existential crisis right about now.

Sam is different from John and Dean. He needs to believe there's something better out there or he'll go insane.

MAN I live the music on this show. Knockin' On Heaven's Door is just... too perfect.

Not sure how much I like that last line, about Dean thinking he might've seen God's Will. Mostly because it was Sam's words coming out of his mouth I think.

Ooh. Next week looks Good. Also? Fucking creepy voiceover dude.

Is it Next Thursday yet?
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