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Okay I was suposed to do 3 different essays tonight. Not for myself or my classes or anything. No, they were for Idiot-Boy and two of his friends. See their whole class got in trouble because yesterday no one studied and today everyone flunked a test. Not only that but every last person also didn't have their assignments turned in either. Because of that they were dealt a punishment.

Every person had to write an essay of at least 500 words on "Why it's good to study and get your work done ontime."

Of course naturally I'm doing Idiot-Boy's essay, but this time I got weaseled into doing two of his friends essays too (I get $10 total for theirs). I have counted every last word in each one by hand a dozen or so times.

Why you ask? Because my computer has Notepad, Wordpad, and no CD Drive. That means I had no way of counting how many words I had any other way (I even tried to find Word Counter's to DL).

But all is well because after 3 or so hours I'm done. And I accidently turned Essay Three into a story.

I'm actually quiet proud of my work because I managed to make it seem as if three different teenaged guys wrote three different essays on one topic. See for yourselves.

It is very good to study because if you do not study for your tests you will fail them. And if you fail your tests then you will flunk out of your classes and if you flunk out of your classes then you will flunk out of Phoenix Job Corps. And if you flunk out of Phoenix Job Corps you will not be able to get your A+ certification or your GED or your high school diploma, and if you do not get your A+ certification then you will end up working at Burger King, 35 years old, thrice divorced, and living in a van down by the river.
It is also very good to get your work done on time because if you get your work done late then when you turn it in it might not get counted and if it doesn't get counted then it is like you did not do it at all. And if it is not counted then all the time you spent studying and working on or writing your assignment was wasted and means nothing now when you could have been doing something else more useful like working making money. Also it is also very good to get your work done on time because it shows very good work skills and shows your teacher or boss that you can get things done on time which is very good.
It is also good to get your work done on time because you are a grown adult and not a child or little kid so when someone tells you you have to do something you should be a responsible adult and just do it and not act like you are a little kid. It is also good to get your work done on time because when you are told to do something then you should do it even if you do not want to because being and adult means doing things you don't want to do like teaching a lot of classes of ungrateful teenagers who don't study or get there work in on time for only a little bit of money.
It is also very good to study because if you do not study and you decide you want to cheat on your test because you do not know the answers to your test then you will get caught and even if you do not get caught then when you get a job you will not know how to do your job right and you will get fired from your job for doing it wrong and screwing up the computer at the place your are working at. And if you screw it up bad enough then they might make you pay for the computers.

Why It Is Good To Study And Get Your Work Done And In On Time.

by (__1__) (__2__)

One of the reasons that it is good to study is because studying helps you learn what you need to know. It is also a good reason because studying can and will help you learn things while helping you to remember the things you may have forgotten or perhaps possibly do not remember as well as other things you have learned. You should also study because when your teacher tells you to study he or she is giveing you an order and you have to follow orders because when you do it shows good work skills and good social skiils too.

It is also a good idea to study because learning is good and learning things you need to know is good too because the more that you study the better your test scores will be. It is also a good idea to study because if you get good test scores then that means that you know how to do what you are learning how to do, and if you can do what you are learning to do good enough then you will get a good job when you graduate or complete that pays you well. And if you keep studying even when you are at your job then you will know how to do your job better than the other people can and you will get more pay raises than the others who did not study and can not do their job as well as youn can. If you keep studying even after you have a good paying job than eventually you will get promoted to an even better job because you know how to do that job better than someone else because you have been studying up on it.

One of the reason it is a good idea to get your work done on time is because it shows that you know how to prioritize and that you know how to do what you are told to do first and how to do things in order of importance and not in the order that you want to do them in. Another reason it is also a good idea to get your work done on time is because when you get a job of your own you can't use the excuse that you fixed the problem in the main center computer's server late because you felt like playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Well okay, actually you can but just that once because they would fire you immediatly if you actually said that to them. Another reason it is also a good idea to get your work done on time is because if you are always slow getting something done then people will start to think you are slow at everything and they won't trust you.

In closing it is a good idea to study and get your work done on time.

Why you should always study and get you work done and turned in ontime.
by Idiot-Boy

Final word count is: 599 words

You should always study because the only time there is ever an important quiz or a pop quiz it is only after the one time you did not study. It is Murphy's Law--whatever can happen will. The one time you *don't* study there will be a surprise quiz the next day which will count for like half of your entire grade or something and it will mostly be on that one subject you *were* gonna study for before your mother called you for dinner or your dad needed you help with something or some other nonsense that caused you from actually studying that one chapter. Then because you didn't study you'll fail the class and you will get held back and have to take the class all over again--and if you think even for a seond that your parents will understand you are deluding yourself.

Your parents will get mad and yell and scream and threaten you and of course you will yell back because you are obviously stupid enough to do something like that. They'll get mad and kick you out and you'll go stay at your friend's house even though he's a total stoner and his place is run-down because it's the only place you have to go. You'll stay on his couch for a few weeks until he misses rent and get's kicked out, at which point you'll be living on the streets. You can only survive with no food for so long so evetually you steal some food from a Fry's Marketplace, and because you don't get caught you figure that maybe you could actually survive like this.

But then one night it actually get's cold out and it's raining really hard so you need someplace to stay and so you go with a few other people because even though you know that even though they are heroin addicts you figure if you only have to get ten dollars instead of sixty then it's okay. But then there *is* the matter of getting the ten dollars you don't have so you do something stupid and you beat someone up for it, but the guy screams and yells so much that the cops get called. But you manage to make it away before they get there and you meet your so-called "friends" back at the motel and you get to sleep in a good bed in a warm room for the first time in months.

When you wake up the next morning though some idiot is pounding on the door and then when you open it the cops are standing at the door and you panic because you think they're there because of that guy you beat up last night but then they tell you they heard some complaints from the manager about trffic--people coming in and out all night long. You tell them that you've been asleep all night long but they don't believe you. It's then you realize that you are alone in the room and that the druggies have long since left. The officers ask to come into the room and you let them. They end up finding some heroin and some needles--new *and* used--and arrest you for possession of narcotics and paraphanalia.

The entire time you are in jail you maintain your innocence. You are eventually sentenced to seven years in prison.

All because you didn't study that *one* time for that test.

And you should also turn your work in ontime too or bad stuff could happen.

Seriously? I'm kinda proud of Essay Three, and more than a little scared.

On a side note? I hope to one day fall asleep before one in the morning on a school night.

ETA: Have I mentioned how much I hate Read-Only mode?
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