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Random much?

Okay, I've been meaning to ask this for a few days but...

Was I recced somewhere recently? Because I've gotten like, ten comments on stories within the last few days. Older stories. One of which like, four people commented on. And it just feels rude to me to ask people how they found my stuff, like I'm afraid it'll sound accusing and like I don't want them reading it.


I got home around 2300 last night and proceeded to crawl on the floor in the living room and lie down on my stomach. Freckles was hyper when I got home, like he usually is, and was trying to give me a bath and give me kisses and stuff. I finally get him calmed enough that he's laying on the floor a little bit away from me and Ma, who was on the computer at the time, gets up to go to bed.

Freckles has a spazz out and runs to follow her. So what does she do? Herd him back towards me. Where he proceeds to jump across me and shred the entire back bend of my right knee with his nails. Three and a half long-lines bloody welts right on the fold of my knee. It stopped hurting after a few seconds but still stings even now.



Daddy's got an appointment with a lady in about two hours right now about getting an apartment literally three blocks from the college. Cross your fingers for us guys, okay? Please?


I have just found out that the first draft of my fic for spn_j2_bigbang has to be 20,000 words.



I have a whole bunch of bunnies right now that I don't wanna tell anyone about because I want to write them but I cannot get my brain to work right with me lately.


Hot Incest Dream might be the best name for a band ever. I'd link but someone in the library was actually just talking about him/her/them. I have no clue what the music is but the name wins.


I have realized something.

I am ridiculously excited at the prospect of Nathan being Claire's Daddy. In large part because then all the Peter/Claire shippers will suddenly realize they've been 'cest-shipping.

This is nothing against the Peter/Claire Shippers, I think accidental 'cest is always funny. Don't believe me? Watch Eurotrip.


I have a whole bunch new headers now, in addition to the old ones. Lookit! clex_monkie89


There are certain songs that will always be connected to things for me. Carry On Wayward Son will always be connected with Supernatural for me because Yussie refers to it as "The Supernatural song." #1 Crush by Garbage will always remind me of this one fantastic Smallville Clex vid someone did way back and now I cannot listen to Message In A Bottle by The Police without seeing my brother strumming along to it on Guitar Hero 2 in my head.


Also? I don't usually rec fic because I tend to read everything offline and it's a pain in the ass to remember to plug Dean into Sam (Heh, totally renamed the laptop Ignore the part where John is plugged in right now, he has shiny sounds on him) and get all the info and stuff but I think I'm gonna start reccing.


And while we're on the subject of my Geeky retardations? Yuss came into the room on Sunday and I had my stuff all over his bed because my bed was already covered in clothes and stuff and he said very point-blank "Move your computer." Pause. "And Dean." XD


While we're at it? Lets start the reccing now.

The Frat!Boy 'Verse by strippedpink. J2. Hot. Awesome. Lindsay. Nothing else really needs to be said, does it? Hell, how can you hear "frat" and "J2" and not run right over?


And now I go now, just until I think of more things to spam y'all with.
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