BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

I've come up with a new game.

It's called "Let's make Clex cry." It's simple really, just leave Clex alone for a few hours and watch as she signs up for an insane amount of challenges and promptly gets a case of writer's block so bad that she cannot even outline a fic properly.


Minimum words: 20,000
First draft (Fic) due: May 1
Final draft (Fic and Art) due: June 1


spn_vday prompt Due Valentine's day. 500 word minimum:

- Dean goes to find some sort of weird hankering Sam's had, thanks to the oddities of California cuisine, and brings him back some sort of exotic take-out for Valentine's Day. (Exotic being not tacos, burgers, pizza or lo mein, but after that, go nuts.)


spn_rimmathon prompt Due February 28. 500 word minimum:

One of the first few times Dean ever got a blowjob from a guy. The guy rims him, then Yeah. Shit. He's never really thought that much about getting fucked by a guy, but he knows in that moment that he wants it.


spn_wank_off prompt Due March 28. No minimum words:

Dean catches Sammy wanking (from watching the quarterback practice) under the school bleachers.


Prompt from jules1013:

I saw this photo the other day and I haven't been able to shake the idea of Jsquared Jensen!stubble fic. I'm keen on either JA/JP or JA/JDM. Making out and petting is lovely, or if you are feeling porny I'd like stubble scratching inner thigh as Jensen goes down.


Prompt from mercurybard:

Something with Caleb, John and maybe Meg in it.


Also? I hate my sociology teacher. The psycho decided that for class we need to write a piece of historical fiction telling about the history of sociology and using the sociologists.

Yeah, she wants us to write crappy RPF. And? Her suggestion for an opening line, as written on the board?

It was a butal [sic] time, the government was against me and the church was against me.

So emo it hurts. All it needs is to be written in blood and posted on MySpace.
Tags: gripeage, writer's block, writing

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