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Supernatural - 0212 - Nightshifter

Oh my God that was the best episode ever.

Seriously. That was my favorite episode yet and I don't know where to begin with my love. Someone please, please, please ping this post tomorrow, poke me on IM, send me an email, ANYTHING so that I don't forget to go through thing by thing and tell you all how much I'm in love with this ep and why.

Oh God, Kripke. Aarry me. Please! And Kim, you too! God, I love everyone involved with this show.

Sam and Dean and Ronald and that fucking FBI Agent and Sam's FBI jacket and "He says 'okie-dokie', I like him" and "I don't know if you're White Supremiscists or Para-Military" and "I know about Sam; the Bonnie to your Clyde" and the fucking SWAT gear and and Sammy taking down two fuckling SWAT officers and the fucking song at the end and "We're screwed" and... ♥♥♥♥♥

Is it Next Thursday yet?
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