BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

I know I was supposed to be on last night...

MetalliBitch Clex says:
Wanna hear lame? I have a double-eye staph pre-infection.
MetalliBitch Clex says:
I have seventy dollar prescription eye drops I need to use every six hours for the next five days.
MetalliBitch Clex says:
Stupid eyes.
mikhale says: the hell did you get it?
MetalliBitch Clex says:
Dunno. Touching my eyes too much?

Yeah. So that's how I spent my yesterday. Went to the eye doctor at 1515, got my eyes dilated, got my new prescription done, did not cry when I heard the word "staph", and then spent the next six hours with eyes so insanely dilated that I had to walk around like the Unabomber (Hoodie pulled over as much of my face as possible and cheep dark plastic thing behind my glasses).

SO GLAD I finally got around to getting my eyes checked and that I checked the boxes for itchy and dry and red and sore. I totally had just thought it was my allergies being even more retarded than usual.

Also got my lone check from Safeway and then bought a new backpack that'll hold my laptop safely. It's a Swiss Army Backpack and it rocks and it was fifty bucks (The same price as my old one when I got it) and it's awesome and shiny and I'm now on my laptop on the library's Wireless Net.

Oh yeah, also kinda started my outline for the Big Bang thing.
Tags: owies, rl, writing

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