BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,


Okay, so MWF I have classes at 0800. That means I'm on the bus at 0700 to get there in time.

I hope the bus today at 0700 and it's still dark outside. It drops me off at college at 0720 and it's still dark outside.

I sit for forty minutes, walk to the cafeteria to try and get some hot chocolate (Which I don't cause it tastes nasty) and then head back to class.

To find a note on the board saying that the first class of the day's teacher, Mrs. Butterfield, wont be here for her 0800 class.

So now I'm sitting here, hungry, thirsty and tired with two hours of nothing to do until my next class.

Mikhale, Julia if you guys are online by 0955 my time ping this, because I'm on MSN but we all know how much ass that sucks.
Tags: friends: julia, friends: mikhale, gripeage, kill them all, rl, rl: classes, squeeage

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