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I think I broke something in my right hand.

We tried to go back to Mom's a few hours ago. We'd been calling her since 1700 with no answer.

Dad drives us to the apartment and Ma's car and CJ's truck are sitting out front. We call and call and knock and there's no answer (Because they locked the top lock and didn' give us a key back when they changed it). Eventually we start kicking and pounding at the door and I pounded so hard that I'm almost positive I broke a bone in my hand.


I gotta admit, I'm feeling kinda Jared-like now.

I'm gonna sleep on it and see how it feels in the morning. I'm really hoping it's just some broken blood vessels and maybe a bone-bruise.

Oh yeah, and Ma and CK ever did answer their phones or the door. So we're back at Dad's again tonight.
Tags: gripeage, owies, random: bitching, rl

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