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Discount Cab should rot in hell.

Third day of classes, first day missed already.

The cars got fucked over last night (Jimmy was trying to fix one and fucking tanked both) so I was gonna have to take a cab to class today.

My first class is at 0800.

I called the cab last night to make sure the cab was gonna be here by 0715 so that I could get to class on time.

0705 today they call with an automated message saying they'd be here in ten minutes.

0730 I call them because they still aren't here. The guy who picks up the phone says "I'm sorry, it's really busy today, I'll get someone out right now."

0745 I call again and the chick who answers the phone says that the cab was here at 0720 and left because I wasn't there. Bullshit. Even if he didn't see me I would've seen him, what with me sitting on the sidewalk and staring at all the cars that came by.

Another cab finally arrives at 0755, after my Dad called and talked to the supervisor. The cab finally pulls up just as I realize that there's no way I can get there in time (Seeing as how I'm a half an hour away from campus). And the thing with 50 minute classes is "If you're going to be more than five minutes late don't bother coming, call the teacher and get the notes from someone in class."

So now I'm screwed today. And fucking pissed too.

Fuck you, Discount Cab, fuck you very much.
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