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ASH. (Part the second)

Okay, so I keep randomly looking at stuff Chad/Ash has been in and I saw he was in L&O: SVU. I watch the show so I'm curious and click on the link to see a brief description of the ep.

Dude. I remember this ep! He plays a guy who kills himself after finding out that his girlfriend who was attacked at a party is a pre-op transexual!

Even better? His girlfriend is played by Katherine Moennig. You might know her from two rolls.

Free Image Hosting at
Jake from the very short-lived Young Americans TV show or;

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Shane from The L Word.

I am currently downloading the ep right now from Ares. It's 450MB and says it's gonna take seven and a half hours to download. Dude. I got Hunted in like, an hour last night and it was 350MB. WTF Ares? Y'all suck.

In conclusion? I'm completely in love with Chad Lindberg now.

Still haven't made that Ash icon yet, but I will!
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