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I was noticing everyone's been doing their Year End Fic Roundup and I just realized that most of the stuff I've written at all has been written in the last year. Every Supernatural fic and all my PB fics except for the first one. That's fifty-one things (Including the Santa letters).


You know what I think is about fifty times more hilarious to me than it should be? The fact that, at least here in Phoenix, they have these CW promos where random actors will be standing in front of a mostly white background shilling the network. The funny part? They list the name of whatever actor is in the commercial that time next to them (Kristin Bell, Tracii Ellis Ross or whatever her name is, etc). Except for Jensen. When they run Jensen's it says "Dean Winchester" next to it and that never fails to make me giggle.

Sadly it's also not helping that cracky!bunny I have where Kripke was like, Michael or something when he was little and completely based Supernatural off of the hunts of these two real guys (Named Sam and Dean Winchester, of course).


Minute Maid Orangeade is like the sweetest thing ever. Seriously; it's like drinking pixie stixs.


I seem to have the song "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby" out of my head.


I have been trying to download Sim 2 for the past like, week. First I spend three days downloading seven and a half gigs of Sims 2 and extensions and there's no .exe file for Sims 2. Then I spend another day downloading Sims 2 to find out it's actually Sims 1 but named wrong. I waste another day repeating this. I then waste another day downloading Sims 2 in French.

I'm totally gonna have to actually go out and buy Sims 2 tonight if I ever wanna play it. Ugh.


Also? Kinda think I'm gonna write a J2 fic. With Tom and Mike and Sadie and Harley and them all being friends and the dogs being spoiled and like no sex at all (except maybe a tinsy mention of it).


Yussie will be nineteen tomorrow. For the next three and a half months we will only be a year apart in age (Kinda).

Nineteen. One of my first memories of when we were little is me on my hands and knees in front of the fridge and Yussie standing on my back like a stepping-stool so he could get his bottle and my pacifier out of the freezer. We were like, two and four.

And now he's taller than me and bigger than me and doesn't look like a girl anymore (Except from behind because of the hair).


I have an interview with Safeway tomorrow at three for a night stocking position. It'd be 2300-0700 and part-time. Next semester my classes start at 0800 MWF and 0830 TTH.

If I get the job I might actually be able to do it. I'd have to be at the bus within, literally, minutes of finishing work but I'd make it to class on time, see.

Cross your fingers for me, please?


Still need to get around to replying to all the comments from Knowledge. Will do that eventually.


I should probably change my default icon again, seeing as how it's not the holidays anymore.
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