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Any Wiki-Friendly people out there?

I ask because I need your help. Tomorrow I plan on updating The Laundry List. As some of you may have noticed there is only a season one list on the Super!Wiki.

This is because, try as I might, I cannot comprehend the incredibely simple coding that is Wiki. Seriously, it trumps me and breaks my brain.

If there's anyone who knows how to Wikicode things and would be willing to do the Season Two for me thus far or something I would be eternally greatful and credit you and other stuff.

Also, in more OCD!Geek news: I think I may be doing a Case-Timeline for the show maybe. Nothing huge, just how long each case has taken them to complete (Some go in one day, while others appear to take several). Unless there's one out there I don't know about?
Tags: fandom:, flist love, geekage, help, laundry night inventory, supernatural

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