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Oh computer, how I've missed you! *Stabs*

So. Fatass (The desktop computer) wont find Dean anymore. When I plug him in the computer says Found New Hardware: Volume and Windows could not load the installer for Volume. Contact your hardware vendor for assistance.

The laptop, shitty as it is, find him. CJ's comp find him. Fatass? Doesn't. This makes for huge suckage.

Also? I'm late but here's my Christmas/Channukah haul:

- A year paid time and userpics from Phil.
- Either Zombie Survival Guide or Robot Chicken season one (Has not arrived yet).
- Winchester Tour t-shirt.
- $100 Visa giftcard from Mom.
- $10 Blockbuster giftcard from Mom.
- Shoes from Daddy.
- Slippers from Daddy.
- Winnie the Pooh cookie jar from Daddy and Kim.
- Winnie the Pooh ceramic bank.
- Eeyore ceramic bank.
- Winnie the Pooh ink-stamp set.
- $50 from Grandma Avis (Mom's mom).

Now that I have the giftcard I can actually get some of the gifts I still need to get and not have to worry about begging to use Mom's bank card.

Also? Got cheerleading!sister SPN season one for Christmas, she loves me now and is watching it as I write (Or so I'm told). Got Katie, sister of cheerleading!sister, a Greenday messenger bag and made her bounce around the room (Again, or so I'm told).
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