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Oh dear God no.

It's almost 0800 and I'm at ?skip=500 and counting with no signs of slowing. *Waves white flag* I give up. If there's anything anyone thinks I should see they'd do well to link me to it here.

Also? I just realized that my stocking isn't even up at Mom's. Last year it went up as soon as we got it. I realize that I'm twenty but I haven't had the chance to do a lot of "holiday" stuff and I try to make up for it now.

Yeah, yeah, fucking call me "Sam" and get it over with, okay?

In more Sammich-like and incredibly ungreatful news I think Mom's getting me a cellphone for Christmas and I'm diosapointed. I don't really know what I want but I know that Ma probably spent a hundred and fifty dollars on something I literally use twice a day. To text CJ and tell him I'm awake or at school and to call Dad if/when I need a ride.

Ugh. I fucking need sleep.
Tags: freakage, gripeage, insanity, insomnia, kill them all, oh god i'm blind, owies, prezzies, random, random: bitching, rl, rl: cj, rl: mommy, tantrum, wtf lj?!

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