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[Fic] (Supernatural) Cause Knowledge is Power!

Title: Cause Knowledge Is Power!
Author(s): clex_monkie89 and fiddleyoumust.
Rating: R
Fandom(s): Supernatural
Characters: Sam, Dean, John, Mary, Jess.
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess, Sam/Other, Dean/Other.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Words (This part): 2,632
Words (Total): 10,643
Author's Notes: So about four months back I started telling Julia about the Sam and Dean in my head and things that they did. Then Julia started asking for things that Sam knew about Dean and Dean knew about Sam and so on and so on. And then it spiraled out of control and became this. Written entirely in a series of MSN conversations.

|Cover. |
| One. | Two. | Three. | Four. |

Dean knows Sam likes to be inconspicuous. After years of being "the new kid" at every school, he prefers to blend in instead of stand out. At 6'4'' this tends to be hard to do.

Dean knows this is why he wears the hoodies, despite the constant bitching about being cold. Sam's never cold, Dean should know. The fucker is usually sprawled over him like and electric blanket.

Dean knows he wears the hoodies so people won't see him.


Dean knows that Sam doesn't snore.

He talks in his sleep. Sleeps with his eyes open. Drools so much that Dean sometimes thinks he may drown.

Sam hogs the covers and tosses and turns and cuddles and nuzzles up against Dean. He rubs his face into Dean's hair and kisses his neck in his sleep. He moans and cries and rolls and wakes Dean up and sleeps through the whole fucking night.

Nine times out of ten Sam wakes up curled in on Dean's chest, gripping him like he'll run away.

Nine times out of ten Dean wakes up and Sam's already awake and dressed.


Dean doesn't know that Sam used to watch Days of Our Lives.

He also doesn't know that Sam used to watch it because there was this guy on there who looked just like Dean except really, really, really gay. Like not even Elton John gay, so gay that Elton John would beat him up.

Sam still cackles like a fucking hyena whenever someone asks Dean if they know him from somewhere.


Dean knows Sam is going to leave him someday.

Sam never wanted this life, never wanted the hunt, or the kill, or even Dean.

What Dean doesn't know is that everything is so different from the way it was before, and Sam knows that Dean doesn't know him nearly as well as he thinks he does.


Sam knows that Dean is a complete jackass.


Dean knows that Sam is a whiny bitch.


Dean knows things about Sam no one else knows.

Sam knows the truth behind all the lies Dean tells the world.


Dean knows that Sam is more afraid of disappointing Dad than he likes to admit, even to himself.

Sam knows that Dad isn't quite as bad in reality as Sam likes to remember him but he feels less like a complete piece of shit when he ignores all the good stuff.


Dean knows he was Sam's first kiss, among other things.

He's still not really sure whether he feels kind of honored or incredibly disgusted with himself.

He figures it's a little bit of both, maybe with a few extra bits and bobs thrown in here and there.


Dean knows that one of the very best sights in the world is Sam on his knees, head bobbing and hair mussed, eyes closed and moaning.


Sam loves riding Dean, he really does. He loves shoving Dean down and climbing on top of him, loves impaling himself on his big brother's cock, pinning Dean's arms to his sides and watching as Dean breaks apart and loses control.

Sam knows he must be in love because he loves watching Dean's face as he comes inside him and he doesn't even think it looks funny at all.

He possibly loves it more than Dean loves the paw-shaped bruises that stick on his chest for days after.


Dean knows Sam likes it hard and rough, likes it when he's sore and can still feel Dean for hours after they've both come and slept and woken and walked.

So Dean, being the wonderful big brother that he is, makes sure to go as slow and soft and tender as he can with Sam as often as possible.

Honestly, it works too, makes Sam appreciate it more when Dean fucks him numb and stupid.


Sam knows that Dean has never crossed his legs in his entire life. He's always in that cocky, splayed open position, like Dean doesn't care if anyone can see the bulge in his pants.

Which annoys Sam because whatever is in between those legs is his.

At the same time, it amuses him because he can always immediately see if Dean's hard. And hey, Sam always knows how to take care of his things.


When they were little Sam and Dean never played "traditional" Cops and Robbers or Cowboys and Indians or anything. Whenever they used to play it would be "us against them." Sam and Dean as the robbers against invisible cops or knights in King Arthur's Castle.

Dean knows why Sam never made him play the bad guy (or the good guy or anything that put him in opposition to Sammy) because Sammy told him once.

Sammy told him that they "should always be together and never, ever leave each other." Because Dean is his big brother and "big brothers don't ever leave their little brothers."


Dean knows that when Sam's hands start twitching in his sleep, it means that he's going to roll over in about five seconds. If Sam starts smacking his lips, it means that he's dreaming of food. If Sam lets out little kitten noises, it means that he's dreaming of Dean scratching his tummy.

In those moments, Dean smiles and scratches Sam's tummy to match his dream.


Dean knows that Sam sucks at spitball wars because he could never achieve the right consistency of a proper paper spitball. Sam always slobbered all over his spitballs like a fucking puppy. They never flew from the straw and just kinda plopped down on the ground wetly.

He used to make fun of Sam. But when Sam came back from Stanford, his spitballs were almost perfect and it hurt like a motherfucker when they hit Dean's face (and they always hit Dean's face now).

What Dean doesn't know is that Jess was a champion spitball maker.


Dean knows that Sam used to want to save Thumbelina. Not because she was a girl but because she was small.

Sam once told Dean that he was afraid that Thumbelina didn't have a big brother who would save her from the creepy mole who wanted to marry her. He said that if it meant saving her, he would be willing to share his big brother with her.


Dean knows that Sam has an absolutely filthy mouth. Obscene in more ways than one and talented enough to make porn stars jealous.

Dean also knows that Sam's vocabulary? Is so much better than Dean thinks he deserves.


Sam knows Dean swallows.


Dean knows Sam chokes.


Sam knows Dean hates not being able to talk but damn Sam loves making him lose his voice.


Dean knows that Sam loves his voice first thing in the morning or right when he's about to come. When it's all scratchy and rough.


Sam knows that Dean gets off on almost getting caught, the kinky retard that he is.

Sam knows, so sometimes he purposefully leaves doors unlocked or windows slightly open.

But never when Dad's around. There's a line between "adrenaline junkie" and "suicidal."


Sam knows Dean wouldn't really piss in his shoes, no matter what he says.


Sam knows Dean can't drive a stick. The only thing that keeps him from making fun of Dean is the fact that he can't drive one either.

Dean kinda thinks it's worth the unmanly injustice just for the look on Dad's face every time Dean strips the gears trying to wrench the truck into third.

It's okay though because every time he does that John cuts in front of him and goes twenty.


Sam knows where Dean gets his "sense of humor" from.


Sam also knows where Dean gets his taste in music. And clothes. And cars. And God, probably even his taste in women.

Wow. There's a road Sam never wants his brain to go down again.


Sam knows Dean is a light sleeper.

He always tries his hardest not to kick Dean in his sleep or do anything else to wake him up.

Sam doesn't know that Dean always wakes up anyway; he's so used to Sam rolling all over him and manhandling him in his sleep that the lack of movement wakes him up better than any alarm could.


Sam knows about that scar Dean has on the inside of his right pinkie.

He knows that, despite how thin and small the scar is it's the final result of three surgeries Dean had to have to be able to bend that finger again.


Dean knows that Sam still has a tooth from the pit-bull that did it; the one that was pulled out of Dean’s hand.


The first time Dean heard "Give Me One Reason" after Sam left he threw the clock-radio across the room, because it hurt him so much that he wasn't enough to keep Sam there.

Sam wanted to ask Dean to come with him but couldn't. He was too afraid of what he might do when (not if) Dean said no.


Sam knows how much Dean hated his "pretty boy" looks growing up. Dean was somewhere around nineteen by the time he realized just how much the women loved them.

All up until then he was too focused on the guys and the fights they would instigate and the locker-room taunts of "cocksucker" and "she-male" and "bitch."

As cliché as it sounds? It turned out the guys really did pick on him because they were jealous. Imagine that.


Sam knows Dean has a thing for his hands.

It's kind of obvious from the way Dean sucks on Sam's fingers, bites at his palms and leaves hard-to-explain hickeys on his wrists.

Dean knows Sam knows about the thing with the hands.

Though judging by the moans Sam lets out when Dean sucks his middle finger, Dean would say Sam probably doesn't mind much.


Dean knows Sam is a consumer whore.

Sam knows that the proper response every time Dean informs him of this is to say "And how."

It's a thing they have, one of those in-jokes that really isn't. Something that cracks the both of them up and leaves everyone else in the vicinity staring.


Sam knows that telling Dean to go to hell is perfectly fine.

Sam also knows that saying anything at all along the lines of "you're going to hell" is strictly off limits.

They were raised close enough to religion to still have large insecurities and doubts about Them (together) and what They (together) may someday mean. In the long run.

You know, after.

Neither of them tries to think about it much but it's like telling someone not to sneeze; all of a sudden everyone gets allergies.


Dean knows exactly what Sam's face looks like when he comes.

His whole face scrunches up and the muscles in his jaw twitch. He groans and grunts and it looks so much like a vision that Dean always, always has a split-second of gut-wrenching fear.

Sam looks ridiculous when he comes, always has.

Dean loves watching Sam come so much it scares him sometimes because it just can't be healthy.


Dean knows Sam's favorite present was the Luke Skywalker and Han Solo action figures John splurged on one Christmas. Dean got Han, and Sam got Luke.

What Dean doesn't know, is that Han didn't get lost. He just took a little trip to California, and is now safely tucked in Sam's bag next to Luke.


Sam knows Dean speaks Elvish.

As in one of those fourteen languages from The Lord of the Rings.

Sam waits for the day he can pull that fact out and inflict maximum damage.

Sam knows he'll never actually tease Dean about it though.

But he can dream.


Sam knows that his brother is a bigger geek than Sam could ever dream to be.


Dean knows that three of Sam's molars on the left top side are fake. The original teeth were broken so badly that they were beyond saving, the result of a lead pipe to the face.

Dean beat the shit out of the kid who did it. Even if it was an "accident."


Sam knows that Dean used to like his T-shirts a size too small.

He knows that it's not because Dean likes to show off his body. It was so that when the time came for Dean to give his clothes to Sammy as hand-me-downs, they wouldn't be too big on him.


Dean knows that Sam has a rating system for every motel that they visit. One star if it has roaches (no matter how nice the facilities are). Two stars if the sheets are clean. Three stars if there's hot water. Four stars if there's cable. Five stars if there's wireless.

Dean doesn't really care about the motel. As long as it has a bed, that's enough for him. And as long as Sammy's there, it'll be five stars.


Dean knows that when Sammy was four, he got lice from a classmate of his. Sammy spent most of the time scratching his head and making Dean give him baths with the special shampoo for lice. Dean also was the one who patiently combed Sam's hair with the special comb to weed out the lice eggs.

Dean beat up Rex when he made Sam cry after telling him a story that the lice were going to sprout wings and fly Sam off and he would never see Dean again.


Dean has taken part in several orgies.

So has Sam, in college because that's where normal people do that kind of thing, but Dean doesn't know that.


Sam knows Jess wanted to jump Dean's bones when she saw him that night. He also knows what that half-giddy look in her face was when she caught them alone in the dark.

And then she realized Dean was that Dean and Sam could see the gears halt in her head and her heart stop.


Sam knows that Dean loves him, even if he can't say it out loud.

Sam knows that Dean says it in his own way every day. When he forfeits the first shower, when he hands control of the TV to Sam, when he spends and extra fifty dollars they can't afford on a room with a kitchen so that he can cook actual food for Sam.

Sam also knows that should he ever say any of this out loud Dean would make him use the female IDs again.


Sam knows that Dean cried during sex once.

Okay, so Sam accidentally kneed him right in the hard-on but still...

It counts.


Sam knows Dean hates public displays of affection; he won't hold Sam's hand if they're out in public, not even if no one in the whole damn town knows they're related in any way, shape or form.

What Sam doesn't know is that Dean laces their fingers together every night after Sam falls asleep. Sometimes Sam wakes up first and undoes his fingers quickly, thinking he must have twined them together in their sleep. It never occurs to him that Dean's the one that does it.


Sam knows Dean is a control freak, as does anyone else who watches him for more than five minutes.

Because Dean is a control freak, he must always be in charge of everything all the time forever and ever.

Which is why Sam's favorite position is when Dean is on his back and Sam is riding him; when Dean can do nothing but lay there while Sam brings them both off.

Tags: fic, fic genre: het, fic genre: slash, fic genre: wincest, fic pairing: dean/other, fic pairing: sam/dean, fic pairing: sam/jess, fic pairing: sam/omc, fic rating: pg, fic rating: r, fic: commentary, fic: supernatural, fic: supernatural: knowledge!, fic: supernatural: stanford

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