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[Fic] (Supernatural) Cause Knowledge is Power!

Title: Cause Knowledge Is Power!
Author(s): clex_monkie89 and fiddleyoumust.
Rating: R
Fandom(s): Supernatural
Characters: Sam, Dean, John, Mary, Jess.
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess, Sam/Other, Dean/Other.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Words (This part): 2,697
Words (Total): 10,643
Author's Notes: So about four months back I started telling Julia about the Sam and Dean in my head and things that they did. Then Julia started asking for things that Sam knew about Dean and Dean knew about Sam and so on and so on. And then it spiraled out of control and became this. Written entirely in a series of MSN conversations.

|Cover. |
| One. | Two. | Three. | Four. |

Sam knows the best way to get Dean to do what he wants is to ignore him.

Dean can't stand to not be doing something. So Sam will pick up a book, or a piece of paper and a pen, or sometimes, when he's feeling particularly mean, he'll just stare at a wall for an hour or so.

Dean always gives in eventually. Every. Single. Time.


Dad used to try to call him Dean-o when they were kids, but it never really stuck and while Sam was Sam, or Sammich, or Sammy, Dean was pretty much always Dean.

What Sam doesn't know, is that Dean doesn't really mind anymore. Because while he doesn't have a nickname, he has Sam. And no one, I mean no one says, "Dean, Dean, Dean," quite like Sam.


Sam knows about that drag queen Dean dated in New York. Hallie Louya or something else stupid like that.

Okay. So maybe "date" isn't the right word. But there isn't an all-encompassing word for "worked with and fucked a lot while also torturing younger brother" now, is there?


Dean knows just how the scar under Sam's chin tastes. He remembers how he got it too. Dad was gone, out for a few hours getting supplies.

They hadn't quite perfected the art of fucking in the shower without falling yet. Dean thrust particularly hard once, hit that glorious spot that made Sam turn to Jell-O...

And Sam went down like a ton of bricks, chin cracking on the faucet and turning the water pink.

That was one of the easier injuries to explain to Dad though; Sammy's just a big old freak who slipped on the soap.


Sam knows Dean's wife.

She's this girl in California, Angel Sondemerk-Winchester.

They've been married for going on eleven years now.

They never dated, they never even fucked and they never really had any interest in each other. Dean knew her from somehow and there was this Thing. Wrong place, wrong time and they caught each other mid-felonies. Breaking and entering and theft of transportation and grand larceny (all for very good reasons) on Dean's side and two murders of actual humans on her side.

To make a long story short, the police found out that they witnessed some big things and the only way to keep either one of them from being forced onto the witness stand was to get married.

When all was said and "done" they decided to stay married because, as Dean put it best, "eh, may as well. Not like I plan on doing this shit again."


Something that Sam doesn't know, that John does, is that Angel's brother and father and everyone else in her whole family are Hell's Angels. This means that testifying was never an option at all.

Of course it also means that if Dean is anywhere on the West Coast he has an alibi whenever he needs one and all kinds of neat freebies for his Impala.


Dean knows how much Sammy hates Angel. Hates her attitude and her clothes and everything about her.

Dean knows he hates her so much because she killed two other human beings and as far as Sammy's concerned there is never an excuse for that.


What Dean doesn't know is that Sam doesn't give a flying fuck how many people she may or may not have killed.

Well, okay, he really does but that’s why he doesn’t trust her; not why he hates her.

Sam hates her because she's Dean's fucking wife and for that reason alone sometimes he wishes she would die a horrible, painful death.


Dean barely remembers Angel most times; that whole episode with her was two weeks of relative blandness in his life.

Dean doesn’t know that Sam remembers her every second of every day. He remembers that not only is he in love with his brother, like some shitty art house flick with French subtitles and a talking fish, but he’s in love with his married brother.

It’s thoughts like that that make Sam think his life must be a storyline on the most fucked-up soap ever.


Sam doesn't know how Dean gets along with their dad so well.

Really, he doesn't.

It's not how he follows the orders without question; he hates it but knows why Dean does it. Sam just...

They talk. Not just about work or hunting or how to kill things. They actually talk about normal things. Music and movies and why cats are stupid and other things like...

Like normal people. Or friends.

Sam never could understand it and he knows he probably never will.


John knows... everything.

John knows more than he'd like to.


Sam knows how much Dean hates spaghetti.

Sam was almost twenty and at Stanford by the time he realized that Dean made it so much because Sam liked it.


Dean doesn't know that Sam hates tuna noodle casserole. Hates. Hates it more than he hates going four days on a hunt without sleep.

Sam never told him because it's cheap to buy, easy to make and Dean wolfs it down like it's going out of style.


Dean knows about the daughter Sam thinks is his niece.

Her name is Teagan and Dean sends her presents through the mail whenever he can.

He and John know she exists only because they double-backed through a town after Sammy went to Stanford. The girl Dean passed on to Sammy was kinda sorta a whole lot pregnant.

They both agreed that if Sam ever found out they'd tell him she's Dean's, because he'd beat himself up over not being there for her, even if he didn't know she existed.

It was during that time when Dean was trying to get Sam a lot of other-people-sex for his own good.


Dean also knows that Jack might possibly be Sam's too. Dean's not entirely sure. They both fooled around with his mom.


Anyway, it doesn't matter in Dean's head because either way he considers Jack his son, even if he can't be there for him as much as he'd like.

Even Dean realizes just how fucked up it all is.


Dean knows Sam is it for him. He's never loved anything more and he never will.

Sam knows he could probably live without Dean, but he doesn't want to.

Because, honestly, they were made for each other. Even if Dean does roll his eyes and say "Dude!" in that totally annoying way when Sam mentions it.


Dean hates Sam's hair.

Of course, Sam knows that's all bullshit and bravado. Because when Sam's down on his knees, Dean's cock sliding down his throat, his brother twines his fingers through Sam's hair and pulls Sam's head back like that.

So when Dean gives him shit about it, Sam just smiles.


Dean knows in the pit of his stomach, the back of his mind and the bottom of his heart that one day Jack and Teagan are going to grow up, meet each other and have an assload of kids.

Because that's just the kind of fucking thing that is being a Winchester.

Which is why in fifteen years Dean'll be there at the hospital crossing his fingers and praying there are no webbed feet.


Dean knows how much Sam loves to kiss. Across a table in a diner, driving down the road, getting gas, showering, fucking. Loves it.

Dean knows that Sam's favorite thing to do, judging by how many times he's done it, is to wait until Dean's right in the middle of a movie (because sports are fucking boring unless he's playing), crawl on the bed next him and kiss him during the commercials.

Dean will never admit to liking it too.


Dean knows that Sam's a total girl. He totally holds Dean's hand whenever he can and falls asleep on his shoulder as much as often as possible.

And he drools too. But what he doesn't know is that Dean doesn't really mind. It makes him kind of mushy inside.


John knows that that whole "cross-dressing to get sent home from Catholic school" thing was Dean's idea.

He admits that it was pretty damn genius too, worked every time.


Sam knows why Dean hates Kinko's.

Once, when they were undercover and actually worked an office job, Dean photocopied his ass. And then Sam caught him and started to berate him. So Dean fucked him on the copier machine and even got a copy of the come-stain pattern.

Now, every time Dean hears the whir of a copier machine, he gets hard.


Dean knows that Sam likes it when he gets possessive, which is more than fine with Dean.

Whenever they near a town, before they actually enter it, Dean always parks the Impala and fucks Sam, hard and rough. So that Sam is sore and dirty and used every time they enter the town. So that Sam can feel the come still inside him as they sit down to eat in the diner, as they walk around and talk to people, as they try to get a room.

And Dean always, always reminds him by touching his ass every now and then.


Sam knows Dean likes his hair.

What Dean doesn't know though is how much Sam likes it when Dean buries his hands in it and just pulls while they fuck.


Sam totally loves it too, you know.

Sometimes, when he's on all fours and Dean is pounding into him, he ignores Dean's "requests" just so Dean will pull his head back by the hair and growl in his ear.


Sam ends up spending a lot of mornings and afternoons rolling his head back and forth trying to crack his neck because of it.

But it only lasts until Dean takes pity on him and works his thumbs on either side of his neck.

And it never lasts long because Sam knows his brother and he knows Dean is a cactus-covered marshmallow.


Sam also knows better than to ever say that out loud.


Dean knows that Sam hates eating in front of people. In school, at someone's house, a diner, doesn't matter, he hates it and will starve before doing it willingly.

He’ll order in public and then either Dean will make him eat ("I swear to fuck Sammy, I will shove that fucking burger straight down your throat if I have to.") or he'll doggy bag it and eat it in the car or the room.

Dean knows why too; he remembers when they were younger and didn't know any better, when they would stay for dinner at a friend's house and eat like horses because it wasn't rice or noodles or beans.

Dean remembers that feeling he got in the pit of his stomach when someone gave him that look; the one that says "Doesn't anybody feed you?"

It's almost tolerable if not for the "joke" that always follows that fucking look like clockwork.

"When was the last time you ate?"


Dean knows Sam loves to gloat over the three inches he has on him in height.

What Dean doesn't know is that Sam secretly hates that he's taller. He slouches whenever possible when he's walking next to Dean, shrinks himself down, because Sam likes being the baby brother.


Dean knows that Sam and John are the only family he's ever going to have.

What Dean doesn't know is that Sam finally realizes the same is true for him.


Sam knows Dean is ticklish right there.


Dean knows Sam has rules about tomatoes.

The actual tomato is not okay, not in salads, not on sandwiches, and certainly never by itself. Spaghetti sauce is allowed, but not if it has chunks in it. Marinara sauce is strictly forbidden. Salsa is acceptable, but only if you dip the chip into the liquid without acquiring any bits. If you scoop with the chip, Sam's likely to throw up on you.

Ketchup is always okay, and Sam's pretty sure it's the entire reason the vile fruit exists in the first place.

John blames Sam's pickiness on Dean, says Dean encourages him. Dean doesn't know what the hell his Dad is talking about, but that tomato thing ... is freaking adorable.


Dean knows how much Sam loves the rain.

Especially when Dean has him bent over the Impala, pounding into him as the icy sleet coats their skin, slipping and sliding over the muscles and tracing their sweat.

Dean loves the way Sam jumps and clenches when he catches a flash of lightning or hears a particularly loud crack of thunder.


Sam knows about Dean's nervous tick and where it came from.

What most people don't know is that despite appearances, Dean's the one with the unruly hair. He carries more hair products than most girls. Sam used to make fun of his constant need to run his hand through his hair, attempting to tame the mess on his head.

Eventually, Dean got better at hiding it. He's almost completely broken the habit now, but every once in a while Sam will see him reach up for his head. Dean always catches himself now, pretends like he has an itch instead.


Sam knows about that time in senior year when Dean had to walk all the way across the parking lot and through the school into the nurse's office naked.

That was Sam's opening volley in the fifth prank war.


Sam knows Dean doesn't drink tequila. It's something that happened while he was away at Stanford. Dean won't tell him why, no matter how much he pesters him.

What Sam doesn't know is that the day Sam left for Palo Alto Dean splurged on a bottle of Jose and he stayed drunk for two days. On the third day he threw up for twenty minutes and dry heaved for three hours. He couldn't keep anything down for two weeks after that. But he thinks maybe that had less to do with the tequila and more to do with Sam. Regardless, in Dean's world nothing's ever Sam's fault. Fucking Jose Quervo on the other hand is the devil.


Dean knows how much Sam hates coffee.

He likes the caffeine in it and he likes how adult it makes him feel but he can't stand the taste. He dumbs it down with sugar and chocolate syrup and whipped cream and caramel and all kinds of other ice cream toppings.

So of course Dean has to make fun of him for it as much as he can and order's Sam's coffee black for him whenever possible.


John knows that His Boys think they're smooth.

They are, in fact, not.


Sam knows that Dean graduated with a 4.0 GPA. That was obvious, what with him being valedictorian and everything.

He also knows that Dad had to order Dean to go to graduation and to give the speech because Dean planned on ditching it.

Sam thinks it must have been a huge blowout because they both spent a good two weeks alternating between stomping around looking for fights and acting like the walking dead.


Sam doesn't know that there wasn't any fight at all.

There was no yelling or screaming or threats of revoking gun privileges. John asked and Dean told; it was as simple as that.

Sam doesn't know how badly it hurt John and Dean for Dean to graduate without Mary there.


Sam knows that Dean hates his freckles.

Dean knows that Sam thinks it's the sexiest thing about him. Some people love his eyes, his lips, even his hands, but Dean knows it's the freckles that drive Sam crazy. Maybe they're not so bad after all.


Sam knew things with Jess would end badly, but he loved her too much to walk away.

His greatest fear is that Dean will meet the same fate.

The scariest part is that the way he felt about Jess is nothing compared to the way he feels about Dean.

Tags: fic, fic genre: het, fic genre: slash, fic genre: wincest, fic pairing: dean/other, fic pairing: sam/dean, fic pairing: sam/jess, fic pairing: sam/omc, fic rating: pg, fic rating: r, fic: commentary, fic: supernatural, fic: supernatural: knowledge!, fic: supernatural: stanford

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  • N;LDS

    I JUST GOT SPOILED, DAMN IT! We have a four page spread in Entertainment Weekly and I clicked on that link without realizing that there is a…


    All those who haven't yet seen the gag reel and consider it spoilery need to stay away from supernaturalart, sam_dean,…


    Anyone who has sandywhack or sandramccoy on their comm and doesn't want to know about spoilers needs to filter it out asap!…