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[Fic] (Supernatural) Cause Knowledge is Power!

Title: Cause Knowledge Is Power!
Author(s): clex_monkie89 and fiddleyoumust.
Rating: R
Fandom(s): Supernatural
Characters: Sam, Dean, John, Mary, Jess.
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess, Sam/Other, Dean/Other.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Words (This part): 2,863
Words (Total): 10,643
Author's Notes: So about four months back I started telling Julia about the Sam and Dean in my head and things that they did. Then Julia started asking for things that Sam knew about Dean and Dean knew about Sam and so on and so on. And then it spiraled out of control and became this. Written entirely in a series of MSN conversations.

| Cover. |
| One. | Two. | Three. | Four. |

Sam knows about that little boy, Jack, in San Antonio. He doesn't know who the kid's mom is, but he's got it narrowed down to someone Dean fucked seven and three-quarter years ago. Unless Jack was a preemie.


Sam knows about that spelling bee Dean volunteered for in sixth grade, the one he entered for extra credit to make up for a paper that got neglected for work.

Dean came in second in the whole school and only lost because his final word was "telekinetic" and he just froze in front of everyone.

Sam doesn't know why Dean never told Dad about that.


Sam knows that the scar on Dean's leg, the one Dean says he got from some jealous husband, is really from Dad's steel-toed boots.

It's not as bad as it sounds though; Dean was leading the way in a mad sprint away from an angry, frothing, foaming, rabies-infested Black Dog when he went down hard over a tree root. Sam didn't see Dean until it was too late and Dad came crashing down after. It hurt.

That's okay though.

Cause Dean knows that the scar Sam tells everybody was from a car accident, the big jagged one low on his stomach?

Was totally Sam's fault. What kind of retard tries to walk down an old, rickety, spiral, metal staircase reading a fucking book anyway?


Sam knows about that time Dean broke his leg in three places while pissing (fell off the balcony) and Dean still states that Sam broke his own jaw on Dean's hand that one time in an attempt to get Dean in trouble.


Only Dean knows about Sammy's superstitious habits. Dean would bet dollars to dimes, or whatever the fuck the phrase is, that Sammy never let Jessica see those dumb little things that seem so random.

And he'd win that bet too.

Only Dean knows that every night at exactly midnight, right as his watch beeps, Sam cracks his knuckles. Pointer to pinkie, right hand before left, first knuckles followed by seconds followed by the third knuckles down near his nails. Never the thumbs though, the thumbs get cracked at 0010.

Dean doesn't know why Sam does it, just that he does.


Sam knows that Dean wears contacts, something that he's not sure even Dad knows. Dean doesn't wear glasses because he doesn't like the sudden blind-spots in his peripheral vision the glasses cause.

Sam knows that Dean has some kind of something that means his contacts cost an extra hundred dollars more than they should and that he has to fight tooth and nail to get them in clear because nine times out of ten they come with brown irises, for some reason.


Dean knows that the dirty piece of material Sam keeps in his backpack "for spills and such" is really a piece of Sam's baby blanket, and that Sam can't sleep unless it's in the same room with him.


Sam knows about that really hot lesbian in New Orleans, Anastasia, who Dean fucked.

Well, okay, apparently they didn't exactly "fuck" in the literal sense of the term but, y'know, either way. Hot lesbian.

Still gives him triple-points on the slut scale.


Sam knows that Dean likes to cook, even if he does complain about it sometimes.

What Sam doesn't know is that Dean doesn't really like to cook, he just likes being able to do something useful for Sam and Dad.


Sam knows that the surest way to get hit, more sure than badmouthing Dad or saying anything at all about Mom is to go for Dean's soft-spot. One time they were fighting because Dean took Dad's side yet again and Sam made some kind of half-repressed comment about Dean acting like Dad's wife more than his son.

Sam doesn't even remember Dean launching himself at him, just waking up to Dad and a bag of ice and some new stitches.


Sam knows that Dean favors his left side; kicks with his left, hits with his left, dodges, ducks and dives to his left.

Sam has not so quietly, sometimes loudly and occasionally vocally, thought that Dean favors his left so much because Sam himself favors his right. Together they are a united front; they are unstoppable. Whatever one cannot handle or bear the other can.

As long as they are together nothing can harm either of them.

Which is why it hurt them both so much when Sam left.


Dean knows that Sam sucks at math. He also knows that Sam doesn't like talking about how much he sucks at it. Sam can grasp long division but pretty much all math that comes after that just boggles his mind and makes him angry.

Dean used to sit up with Sammy late at night when they were supposed to be sleeping and help him with his math.

Dean had nightmares for a week when Sammy left and he wondered who was going to help him understand calculus now.


Dean knows that Sam's allergic to all citrus (grapefruit is the worst), blueberries, almonds (but no other nuts oddly), moss, three kinds of grass and anchovies.

The reactions range from really bad heartburn and trouble breathing (that stupid AXE body-spray Dean wasted eight bucks on for no reason at all) to an immediate need for an emergency room and a tube shoved down his throat (grapefruit).

Dean spent Sammy's entire time at Stanford worried that one day he'd get a call from someone saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't know, he never said anything."


Sam knows that Dean only uses kid's toothpaste. It's one of the few luxuries he allows himself.

Dean figures that if he's gonna end up eating so much of it, it may as well taste good. Besides, it's, y'know, Batman.


Sam knows about that time that Dean decided it would be really fun to pretend like he was a circus performer with a knife-throwing act. It was all fun and games until Sam said something to make Dean laugh and Dean missed.

Sam's still a little pissed about it, because it was his favorite fucking shirt, but he thinks it was probably worth the blood to hear the way Dean screamed like a girl when he realized Sam was hurt.


Dean knows about the time, when Sammy was eight and they were at Pastor Jim's, when Curtis convinced Sammy to grab a sheet and jump off the top of the church with him.

Sam knows it was Dean who beat Curtis senseless for that.


Dean knows that Sammy kept his Stanford acceptance letter hidden for three weeks before he got the courage up to show it to Dad.

He also knows that Sam never showed John the acceptance letters he got from Princeton and Yale.

Sam doesn't know that John knew about all three before Sam did, because John knows everything, but mostly he knows that Sam can do anything he puts his mind to.


Only Dean knows about that time Sam got arrested at Stanford.

He drove fourteen hours to bail him out, hit him upside the head, and told him the next time he thought mooning a cop car would be funny, to call Dad.

What Sam doesn't know is that Dean thought the whole prank was pretty fucking cool.


Dean knows that for all Sam's rhythm (and not that he'd ever say it out loud but good God can that boy move his fucking hips when it counts) and... creativity, Sam can't dance. At all. Not even a little.

Dean took him to a club once and tried to "teach" him. Sam still can't dance but on the plus side they're banned from a club in Phoenix now.


Only Sam knows why Dean beat the shit out of that biker five years ago.

The guy ran in to Dean pretty hard on his way to the bathroom, which would've been totally okay if he'd bothered to say "excuse me."

When Dean asked him what the fuck he thought he was doing, "Your mother," probably wasn't the smartest thing he could have said.

The guy's lucky Dean only broke his nose.


Sam knows that Dean listens to that one song by Bon Jovi, "Wanted, Dead or Alive" even though he hates them.

Sam doesn't know that Dean listens to it because it was the first song he heard after kissing Sam that time (something he will never, ever admit to for at least nine different reasons).


Sam knows that Dean doesn't like to read. He also knows that Dean's touchy about it; too many teachers who assumed he must be stupid because he didn't read books for shits and giggles like the other brains.

Sam knows Dean's touchy about it, but sometimes? When he's angry or just plain not thinking? He says stupid things. Asks Dean when he last read a book, treats him like he's stupid or less than he is.

Sam knows it hurts Dean but once he's started he just can't make himself stop.


Sam hurts Dean sometimes when he does things.

And he knows this. So Sam does little things for Dean. Buys him coffee in the middle of the night cause he knows Dean's going to wake up, makes him Frito Tamales while they drive sometimes, asks for help with things he knows how to do, makes The Laptop Dean-friendly and bookmarks porn sites for him.

Little things.


Dean knows that Sam still sucks his thumb. Sam denies it and denies it but Dean doesn't remember even a single instance of waking up next to Sam without Sam's thumb planted firmly between his lips, fingers curled over his face.

He even has a picture that Dad took when Sam was fifteen, for proof. Sam has no idea about the pictures though; much less that both Dean and Dad keep a copy in their wallets.


Dean knows about that time Sam picked up a sewer roach and ate it when he was four years old. Dean still teases him about it.

When Sam's being particularly annoying, Dean hums La Cucaracha under his breath.


Dean knows he was the first one to find that spot behind Sam's ear that makes him instantly hard.

What Dean doesn't know is that it isn't the spot, it's the way Dean's tongue feels on the spot, and no one else has ever gotten that response from him since.


Sam knows how much Dean likes it when he makes noise while going down on him.

Dean knows that Sam knows how much he likes the noises.

What Dean doesn't know is that Sam isn't doing it for Dean's benefit; he can't not make those noises when he has Dean's cock in his mouth.


Sam knows Dean would've liked Jess.


Sam knows about that time Dean let that guy "beat the shit out of him" in front of his girlfriend for money.

Sam also knows that it took the guy nearly five full minutes to land a believable hit.


Dean knows about that time Sam ate four and a half pounds of raw cookie dough.

Sam was sixteen when this happened.

He threw up for two hours and wouldn't eat cookies for another three months.


Sam knows that Dean won't drink coffee and eat blueberry pie at the same time anymore.

Because of that time that Sam made him laugh so hard the combination came out of his nose. And all of this in front of a really hot waitress.


Sam knows that Dean's allergic to cherries, pollen and horses.

The cherries were found out through a pie when he was thirteen (hives).

The pollen has always been around and always plagued him.

Horses, though, almost killed Dean once. He was eleven and he couldn't stop sneezing. No air could get in, he couldn't stop, even hours later, and the doctors didn't know if they could do anything.

Sam remembers being seven and sitting in the waiting room with his Dad while the doctors worked on his big brother. He very vividly remembers thinking all horses should be shot, since they almost killed Dean and therefore obviously had to be evil.


Dean knows that Sam loves The Dresden Dolls.

Dean thinks the band is crap. But he gets the reference and secretly thinks it's the most retardedly appropriate thing ever.


Dean knows about that time Sam stole the Impala and dented the front bumper.

Sam put it back in the parking lot of the hotel and hoped his father wouldn't notice.

What Sam doesn't know is that his Dad noticed first thing and Dean took the heat. Sam thought it was strange when Dean started doing all the chores, even on Sam's days, but hey, he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.


Dean knows that at Stanford, after the incident with the thing and then the stomach pump and Dean's phone's journey into Lake Eerie, Sam spent three days in bed too afraid to call Pastor Jim or Dad or anyone else because he was afraid that one of them would say Dean had died.

Dean knows this because Sam told him one night. It was raining and thundering and Dean was faking sleep. Sam knew he was awake and he knew that Sam knew but they both pretended anyway. Sam curled up next to him and whispered fears into his pillow.

Dean may have rolled over in his sleep. And if one of his arms happened to have come to rest over Sam? Pure accident, of course.


Dean knows why Sammy named that fucking mutt-dog "Freckles." Stupid bitch.

Dean remembers how hard Sammy cried when Freckles ran away. Dean also remembers what Freckles looked like underneath the tire of the motel clerk's station wagon.


Sam knows what really happened to Freckles; John told him years later about how Freckles got out of the collar while John was walking him.

Sam knows that it wasn't John who was walking the dog, but he doesn't blame Dean.


Sam knows just how much of an evil bastard his big brother is.

He can count on his hands the times he hasn't had to beg Dean to fuck him.

It always starts the same: Sam has the upper hand and has Dean pulling his hair and ramming his cock down Sam's throat and whimpering and making the best damn noises Sam's ever fucking heard.

...And then somehow it always ends up with Sam, spread eagle on the bed, bent over the Impala, on all fours in the backseat, shoved up against the wall, pressed against the shower, begging and pleading and desperate for Dean to just fuck him already and stop fucking being such a damn cock-tease.


Sam knows that pineapple makes Dean's come taste weird.

It was a bad way for Sam to find out that he's allergic to pineapple.

Sam lied and said he stole some of Dean's pizza.

Cause... Dude. Seriously.


Dean knows why Sam really had the allergic reaction.

The fucker will think twice before he goes on a tuna and sardine kick again.

Payback is a bitch, little brother.

Dean knows Sam likes it when he calls him "baby" when they're fucking.

Sam tries to hide it, but the way his fingers dig in to Dean’s hips gives him away.

He also makes this adorable squeaking noise in the back of his throat.


Sam knows that Dean likes the marks Sam leaves on him. He watches Dean as his brother looks at the red marks in the mirror, running his fingers over them.

Sam also knows that Dean gets hard when he's doing that. And he actually moans when Sam traces those marks from behind and stares at him at the mirror.


Sam knows Dean loves to sneeze; something about how good it feels after or something.

Whenever Dean is about to sneeze, and Sam can always tell because his face scrunches up like a chipmunk and he starts to gasp like a crying child, Sam always says, "God bless you" quickly before Dean can get the sneeze out.

Because Sam is an asshole and if you bless someone before they sneeze they don't sneeze. It works every fucking time, too.


Dean knows how much Sam has always hated having an accent; that Texarkana twang that gets deeper and thicker and more mangled when he's tired.

Dean always loved having an accent; he liked pronouncing one word like they do in Texas and another like in Georgia and another altogether almost indecipherable.

Dean knows WHY they had to spend all that time in speech therapy; accents are more memorable and being remembered is not what they want.

Still though, Dean liked standing out from the crowd.

Dean never got rid of his accent fully though because he likes it. It makes him feel good. It makes him feel connected to his Mom, even if he doesn't remember what her voice used to sound like.

Tags: fic, fic genre: het, fic genre: slash, fic genre: wincest, fic pairing: dean/other, fic pairing: sam/dean, fic pairing: sam/jess, fic pairing: sam/omc, fic rating: pg, fic rating: r, fic: commentary, fic: supernatural, fic: supernatural: knowledge!, fic: supernatural: stanford

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