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Man, what did I do to piss off Karma?

And to top it all off the grades for three of my classes have been posted. A in Criminal Investigations and A in Communication. That's good. But I got a B in English and that makes me feel stupid now.

There's not even food in the house to eat while I wallow. Well, that's not entirely true. Ma got hot dogs night before last. Woo, awesome. It's been about a week since we've had food in the house and I'd really like to eat. But, you know, she doesn't want to go to the store so she doesn't. I know it's not a money thing because I asked if she would take me so I could spend my money on food. She said no and got hot dogs.

I liked it better when she was getting high. When she was getting high at least we were getting food. Pizza and burgers and fast food but it was still something to eat. Now she's sober and married to CJ and they both have jobs and they both have cars and they both eat after work and don't get me or Yuss food.

I hate having to call Daddy and ask him to get us Burger King because we haven't eaten all day. And Mom wonders why he doesn't have a place of his own yet.
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