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Yussie sucks.

My brother is an ASSHAT.

He spent the last day and a half downloading and installing Guild Wars, this game he plays, and now my MSN Live has suddenly killed itself, my computer is apparently infected with viruses and Internet Explorer keeps opening on it's own.

He's trying to pull that "It's always done that!" bullshit with me.

He's killing my fucking computer and it's pissing me off.

He needs to get off his ass and make some money so that he can get a fucking computer of his own.

Hell, I haven't heard from any of the jobs I applied for so you know what I'm doing after school today? Walking over to Burger King and trying to get a job there. And then when I can't get one there I'm gonna beg CJ to get me a job as a receptionist at his work.

All this to get the assbag his own computer so I can have mine back.

I might be a little bitchy but it's because;

A) This is pissing me off;
B) I'm just now meeting today to work out the stuff with my group for my Final Presentation in Comm (The one I do on Wednesday);
C) I have my jbbs due in two days and I haven't started it;
D) I haven't started it because the prompts are all from Titan's Era's I haven't read and only kinda know about (And therefor I need to figure out how to do this).

God, somebody just fucking hit me and get it over with.
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