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Went and saw The Holiday last night with Yussie, Andy, Stephie and Daddy. Dad slept through the movie but he'd been up since three that morning and it was 2200 when it started so...

I liked it. A lot. I'm totally gonna get it downloaded to watch again. Also? Kinda have a small crush on Jack Black now. And Jude Law.

The movie let out at midnight and afterwards we went to go eat. It was 0430 by the time we got home. We sat at Denny's for an hour waiting for the waitress to bring us our check, it sucked.

This is me trying very hard to avoid my PBFE. I haven't started it but I have a general plot right now.

Also? I'm watching The Simpsons and wow. Really gay. Also? Makes fun of Harry Potter and fandom (A tiny bit).

...I should probably get to writing now. Ugh.

Oh, right. Also? I have the first two eps of Torchwood and the first ten of Dexter. I will hopefully be watching them soon.
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