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The internet is for PORN (And the weekends are for memes)

Post which of your icons fit into these categories (and explain if you want to)

Overall Fave Icon:

I miss OT5.

Romantic Icon:

It also doubles as a "sad" icon too.

Sad Icon:
1. 2. 3.

1. Woobie!Sad. The kind that needs hugs and cookies.

2. Heart-wrenching, people-killing pain.

3. My God, those poor babies.

Pissed Off Icon:

Kill them all.

Happy Icon:


Funny Icon:

"You didn't." "Oh, I did!"

Song Icon:

I hear the voices when I'm dreaming, I can hear them say...

Fave Ship/Pairing Icon:

One of my favorite icons actually. It works for Wincest and for Gen and for just general quietness.

Movie Icon:

Yeah. Jared from Cry Wolf. Closest thing I have to a movie!icon. This is totally my College!Sammich icon though.

Droolworthy Icon:

There's a reason it's keyword is Hotass.

Holiday Icon:

I don't care what anyone says, she's a vital character to the show. The show would totally be different if they drove around in an old Lincoln Towncar or something.

Quote Icon:

I was right! I knew it was "boobs."

Private Joke Icon:

That's pretty much a huge chunk of it right there.

Hobby Icon:

LJ = Life.

Speechless Icon:

Do you see that facepalm?

Animal Icon:

Oh whatever, he's a total puppy.

Smartass Icon:

It's true.

Self Icon:

Ugh. This icon savedso badly and I've just been too lazy to fix it yet.
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