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Some guy was just killed outside my window.

I shit thee not.

Phoenix Job Corps is in the middle of downtown, the worst part, and is surrounded by bars. Litterally. We share an alleyway with one.

Ten minutes ago I'm sitting at the computer reading and Shamu and Midget are sleeping. All of a sudden I hear a familiar noise. More than six gunshots in rapid-fire sucsession. Shamu wakes up and I immediatly jump up (With the crutches no less, not an easy feat) and run (Hobbell fast) to tell the RA. She's says it was probably the train and asks if we want her to call security. I tell her I know that sound and it was a gun and to go ahead and call. Me and Shamu then head outside to see what happened.

Right before we get to the outside doors Michelle (One of the Graveyard RA's) tells us to come right back in, "now!" Some guy was just shot in the head and neck outside of my window and is lieing dead in the street. I don't meen that in a metaphorical way, I mean that in a "stop traffic to move the body" sorta of way.

Dude, Job Corps is gonna be on the news tomorrow/this morning. As soon as the news pages put up info I'll be sure to link it here.

And to think, I almost missed this for Rocky.

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