BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Dad needs to get a place yesterday.

You know how people say they wanna punch people in the face even though they really dont?

I actually really do want to punch my mother in the face very hard right now.

God forfuckingbid I have trouble saving my schoolwork and it takes me four whole minutes to get finished so her fucking precious husband can pick me up and go home.

I am now riding the bus home from school today. Again. Why? Because my mother is a whore and when the download box said 03:57 remain Mom called and told me CJ was there to pick me up. Then when it said 01:04 remain Mom calls again and asks why I'm not outside, "You have to understand, when he gets off work he just wants to go home. You need to get outside or call him and tell him you're taking the bus."

Learn to be a parent you self-centered bitch. I heard the story about your Dad waking up in the middle of the fucking night when you were 25 and driving through Illinois into Wisconsin to bail you out of jail and not even complaining. I'm 20 and trying to save something for a school paper that's due tomorrow and you cant wait four fucking minutes. You can go right to hell.
Tags: gripeage, kill them all, random: bitching, ranting, rl: cj, rl: mommy, tantrum

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