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Why is no one on?


1. What's the single episode that's affected you the most so far? And why/how so?

The one that has affected me most? Hm. "Faith." Because it was the episode that got me hooked on this show. I watched a repeat of "Wendigo" way back and had no clue what was going on so I didn't really pay attention. However, months later I caught "Faith" on Easyview and that got me, hook, line and sinker. If I hadn't've seen that ep I would probably still be trying to find something to watch Thursdays at eight.

2.If fandoms were to collide, which character (from which fandom) would you place in the Winchesters' lives? Or, which fandom would you place the Winchesters in? Why?

Hm. This one is hard. I'm kinda a whore for crossovers, they're my guilty pleasure. Prison Break, Boondock Saints and Heroes all have their shiny things to bring to the party. So does House (Namely House himself) and Scrubs (The entire friggen Show).

I'm gonna say Heroes. Dean would hit on Nikki, Sam would freak over Isaac and Jessica and the Petrelli's would just boggle the fuck out of the Winchesters (Because how can you possibly treat your brother like that? It is beyond their comprehension.).

3. Considering the way that Dean and Sam were brought up, do you think their childhood fears are any different from what children's fears normally are?

Oh God yes. Yeah, they have normal ones too, obviously, but I think they've got one or two "abnormal" ones. Aside from the "general" ones about outliving the rest of their family or, in Sam's case at Stanford, losing his only family and never knowing.

I think Sam'a agateophobic, he has this intense and vivid fear that he's insane. He's terrified that he's going to wake up one day and find out he's schizophrenic and his entire life as he knows is is a delusion his brain created. Dean's athazagoraphobic. He spends so much time being so many other people and trying to make everyone not notice him (On a job) that he has this overwhelming fear that one day he'll introduce himself as himself and no one will care.

Sam is terrified of otters too. He's not sure why, he just is. Dean's terrified of frogs. Dean HATES those creepy motherfuckers, always has. Dad says it's probably got something to do with this thing with Dean and a creek when he was six or so.

Dean does not care to remember the details of this incident. He could also never get Otter Pops because they made Sam cry. They've always had a silent agreement about those though. Everything else is pretty okay, but Sam never mentions the frog thing and Dean pretends to forget the otter stuff.

4. What do you think Dean and Sam were like in school? (Ie, in terms of grades, friend-making, etc?)

I think Sam had awesome grades (Kripked). I don't think he actually liked going to school. I think he loved learning but didn't particularly love school. He finished his work before everyone else and it usually wasn't hard at all, it was actually really damn boring to him. He didn't care for most of his teachers and generally wished there was a way to go to school and do all the fun stuff (Because he totally had fun with his extra curriculars) without having to actually go to school. As for friends? I think Sammy was a shy kid who wanted friends very badly. I see him trying very hard to make friends and coming across so forcefully and strongly that he scared people away. He was that one kid at school that even the "outsiders" and "freaks" wouldn't talk to. The fact that he did all the extra credit he could and was always the teacher's pet probably didn't help.

Dean on the other hand? I think he got awesome grades like Sammy too (You honestly think John would let him slack his ass at school?). I think he hated school with a fiery passion but never skipped a single class without John approving it (Because I totally think John would just let Sam and Dean stay home sometimes if they were sore from a hunt or needed an extra day to study for a test or just were having one of Those days). He hated nearly every teacher he had, hated with a passion. He thought the other kids were, at best, a waste of his time and at worst stupid, disgusting, possibly evil bastards. And yet? I think eight times out of ten Dean was the most popular kid in school. He had contempt for everyone else and didn't give a flying fuck about what they thought so everyone was in love with him. Everyone claimed to be his friend and invited him to their parties and generally handed over the reigns to the school when he showed up.

I say this because my little brother is Dean; he hated school and the teachers and learning and the kids. He hates people. And yet? Everyone in the schools we went to always loved him. He was totally the Dean I describe up there.

5. What kind of pets can you imagine the boys having? XDD

I think they had a puppy at on point, for a little while. Not long, just long enough to get attached, really. I also think they had tons of other little pets. Lizards and the occasional gopher or prairie dog, a snake or two here or there, maybe even a mouse. I'd also like to point out that I firmly believe not a single pet was ever bought, the puppy was a stray, the lizards were caught outside of room and everything else was found at rest stops and other random places they were.
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