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Gay boyfriend, gay boyfriend, I don't really care if you are queer...

Gay Boyfriend - The Hazzards. Thank you, Julia. We love you, Julia. She really does rock my sock something fierce.

Mikhale and I am redoing my userinfo. It's gonna be the most awesome thing ever when its done.

Mikhale is also helping me redo my layout once again. I have... 36 headers I think for the rotation stock. All worksafe and all shiny like WOAH.

Also? Gonna put a few up for adoption here soon, in case anyone wants a shiny. Don't worry; they're mostly from hi-res pics and, as Mikhale said, "They're all plain! You didn't even doing anything to them!" P.S. I did, I just didn't slather them in brushes and shit. They're plain looking so they can be customized, duh.

I have the newest People issue too, the onw with the "Sexiest men alive" and so will be embracing that rarely talked about "girl side" of me on the way to class today.

...There's probably a better way to phrase that but I'm too lazy to think of it.

I actually have a fic or two that I'm trying to work up the nerve to post today. One is Wincest and then I have like, three more that are drabble plusses.

Also I feel like Mary Sue Winchester today. I've got on my Dean pants (Blue jeans with no holes and faded bits around the top thighs), a Marine shirt and my hair pulled back in a bun. Given the hair always looks like that but it's a very Winchester thing what with it not being anywhere near tyhe eyes or in the line of sight.

This is my "I woke up how early?!" icon.
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