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When Clex is bored Clex does memes. Don't let Clex be bored.

This is my mirror version of Mikahle's copy here.

1) I almost lost the thumb on my left hand once. Yuss was playing on a bike and the chain caem off. I went to put it back on and he started to pedal.

Over three hundred stitches inside my thumb and outside it and you totally can't see the scar. I can also pop this thumb out of the sockjet because of it.

2) I cannot dance at all. Period. I tore my ACL the last time I tried to dance. That was three years ago. I spent a month in a knee immobilzer, nine months on crutches and still wear a brace because of it.

I hope to get the surgery eventually to fix it.

3) I'm not big on clothes. Most of my stuff comes from Wal Mart or Hot Topic (I have a weakness for the super!baggy pants they have). The cloest thing I have to a weakness for clothes is that I love funny shirts or ones that have something to do with fandom.

I even made my own Paddywhack shirt, as some of you may remember.

I really wish they had ANY Supernatural shirts much less ones that were unisex/guy-style.

4) I realized I was asexual... Within the last year or two. Before that I thought I was pansexual and before that I thought I was bi. Niether or those really described me well though because they both were based on who you as a person find attractive enough to have sex with. And I don't really want to do that with anyone.

5) Twenty and still a virgin. Nothing surprising about that, huh?

6) I'm totally violent. I have to forcibly restrain myself from hitting people sometimes. I've kicked friends repeatedly with steal-toed boots on, I've beaten the shit out of a few people and I have a friend who not only cannot have kids because of me but who also has permanent scars on the backs of his hands and the insides of his elbows from my teeth and nails.

It served him right for saying "Come on, that doesn't hurt."

7) I am not sheltered. I've lived in cars and motels and on the street and in shelters. I've lived in places with no electricity, I've gone months for a time without the ability to take a shower or clean myself up, I've gone days (A week and a few days at the most I think) without eating and days with nothing to drink but warm, slightly-cloudy tap-water (And everyone wonders why I hate water).

I still will sometimes go to classes two or three days in a row in the same clothes becsause if I'm tired enough in the morning I will forget I actually HAVE other clothing now. I have spoken with, lived with and been around drug addicts, people high on heroin, crack, pot, meth and other drugs. I have watched my older brother go through heroin withdrawls and seen both my parents clean and sober and high as kites. I have gone into Atomic Comics and spent a thousand dollars Dad's scams were running good and begged for money in K-Mart [parking lots when we didn't have enough to get a motel room for the night.

I admit that I am somewhat cynical and jaded. I tend to overreact about things, worry about everything (Especially money) and feel guilty spending a buck twenty on a candy bar because I know how much ramen that can buy me.

I cannot stand the thought of wasting food and when I see someone who does I kinda hate them a little. I don't eat in front of people because I eat like a pig, I get as much as possible for as little money as I can and eat it quickly like someone's going to take it if I let it sit for even a second. It's a "poor kid" thing, what can I say.

I also generally hate all rich people, though mikhale doesn't count. Neither does Julia, even with that one coat she has.

8) My IQ was about 160 the last time it was tested. My little brother's was 162. Despite this I am completely inept at math. I also don't tend to like talking in class unless I know the answer to a question. If I answer it wrong I feel like I'm stupid. Dad's always bragged to everyone he could about how smart I am so I think this comes from when I was REAL little and didn't know how to ignore Mom yet. Because of this I feel like shit when I get a B on anything or miss a question I knew.

9) I was born without an immune system (Among the other problems I had). I was born in 1986 so the doctor's immediately though I has AIDs. I spent like, eleven years taking antibiotics three times a day to build up my immune system. Because of the medicine I cannot stnd the taste of bubble-gum and the SMELL of it makes me sick.

10) I've been trying to write for years now. I think I was around 14 or so when I started. It was pretty much all crap and these big, long things that never got finished because I ekpt getting my notebooks and stuff stolen. I've also drawn for nearly as long as I can remember but gave it up (More or less) years ago.

Lemme tell you something, it may seem like a good idea to send a kid with low self-esteem who likes to draw to an Art Institute for a week-long camp thing but it isn't. All those rich snobs who could afford the $1,000+ price on that camp without any kind of help (My grandma's Granparents Raising GrandChildren group paiD for me to go) and who could pay for actual art classes... My shit looked like baby scribbles compaired to their drawings.

And a bonus:

11) The way I am with my friends isNOTHING like I am with everyone else. I am shy and quiet and timid when you first meet me. I have this annoying habit of apologizing for everything, even if I had nothing to do with it (It drives Dad crazy) and I tend to flinch away if people yell. I think that's part of why I listen to my music so loud, to help build up a tolerance to screaming.

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