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SPN 0208 - Crossroad Blues

Greenwood, Mississippi. 1938.

Seem ever since the first previews last week I haven't been able to stop thinking of Bone, Thigs & Harmony's "Meet You At The Crossroads" when thinking about this ep. The teaser isn'thelping.

Why does it sound like a dog? Black Dog? Dire Wolf?


Or a Black Dog. Still good.

Dean knows who Dillinger is. Nice.

Ha! Sam's jealous cause Dean's in the federal database and he isn't. How cute.

BLACK DOG. Kripked, yo.

Black Dogs might be Death Omens, huh? Love the part where it sounds like Black Dogs are new to them.

Not always that way? He cut a deal with the devil. Or a devil at least. I'm tellin' you.

"She's 23, she kyaks and they're real."


Chick reminds me of a crack-fiend without a hit.

What the fuck was that?!

Dean knew the flowers, I heart when he's obvious!smart.

Graveyard dirt, black cat bone, and something else dead center in of crossroads. "Deep south hoodoo" according to Dean.

Hellhounds. I knew it and I approve.

Come on Kripke, show us the hellhound! Oh no wonder why we can't see it. DUDE! That was cool!


Jared kicked Justin's ass. He's so cute! And he kinda reminded me of Dwight from The Office there at the end when he was talking about playing wih his left hand, blindfoled and asleep next time.

Also? Heart Shaped Box for the fucking WIN, yo!

Back on.

Rosedale, Mississippi 1930.

Somone's summoning for crossroads.

OH. So that's why the kissing. It's the Supernatural version of signing your name in blood.

Dean knows music Blues music. Or at least the kind with occult references in it. Sam? Doesn't.

Gotta put your photo in the summoning box too apparently.

I love it every time that The Boys don't know something.

They apparently have a limited knowledge of voodoo and that rocks my socks because voodoo? Complicated.

I love that that guy didn't want to be saved. He knew he brought it on himself and he was ready to pay the price.

Oh Dean. I know that face baby, don't...

And Evan knows he's gonna die. He's sending his wife away and saying Goodbye and he knows there's no hiding.


Okay, that is SERIOUSLY fucking creepy.


Man, I think that creeped me out more than anything else on the show so far. Except bugs, but that's a given.

Back on.

"Come on, we're not demons!"

I love that Dean can kick a door that's deadbolted wide fucking open.

Tell me his wife was dieing.

I knew it.

Please stop talking Evan, you're giving Dean ideas.

Oh my God, DEAN. WHy is he not getting hundreds of thousands of hugs.

I love that Dean stopped cold when Sam said "Dad."

Dean doesn't like the idea if his Daddy's soul stuck in hell for him.

EVERYONE knows about The Winchesters.

Dude, even demon's think Dean's a hotass.

"You'd sacrifice your life for soeone else's." Wel DUH.

FUCK she saw The Devil's Trap.

I love that Sammy sidestpped into the circle when he saw the doors start to give.

Commercial afuckinggain.

Back on.

Oh my God, Dean. You poor baby. He waks up and think he can't go on, I have no doubt that Sam is th only thing keeping him alive right now.

"Hold on." No. No, no, no.

Don't step outside the circle, false sense of security.

I love John but please don't do it Dean, please baby.

God, I think Dean might do it. Does he really plan on being alive in ten years anyway?

Say no Dean, don't do it baby!

"You think you could... throw in a set of steak knives."

HA-HA! YEAH! GO BABY! I knew Dean wasn't that sloppy, he'd never fuck up that easy.


Jesus fucking Christ dude, I need rips of them speaking Latin. NOW.

And the dirt blew away.

"I usually like to be wrned before I'm violated by demon tongue."

Dean was totally gonna do it anyway.

"Shut your mouth, bitch."

Hell is beyond any woring in Supernatural apparently. Great. Poor Dean, poor baby. Poor John, poor baby.

WTF? SO all demons possess like that? Not just The Demon?

Fucking commercialls.


Why yes, I am Dean, why do you ask?

Back on.

Mm. Dean. I love that he didn't hesitate to tell Sam.

Oh God.

Sam's little FACE. His face when he asks Dean if Dean considered doing the deal and Dean CHANGED THE RADIO AND DIDN'T ANSWER. Sammy looked so scared there. God, I just wanna hug that whole fucking family.

And the thing with the "SOON" makes me... hf;ajkl fnvbfje Kripke, I love you so much my heart hurts. Come out to Phoenix and I'll totally marry you and buy you kids.

HOW long till the next new SPN?
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