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MiniNaNoWriMo update

Yeah so... I'm kinda giving up on Mini!NaNoWriMo.

I really didn't think Eng102 was gonna be the dry ass-rape that it is. I have three papers due every Tuesday and Thursday and like, no time to write.

Seriously, I have a SPN/Heroes bunny in my head that's like, just barely more than a drabble (Probably) and I still don't have the time to write it yet.

The three papers due on Tuesdays suck but I can deal with them. The three papers given out on Tuesday and due on Thursday though? Ughno. They make me dread Thursdays enough that SPN barely makes up for it.

On the plus side? All that I have left for tomorrow is a review of Mallrats and a small biography of Kevin Smith.
Tags: gripeage, mini!nanowrimo, rl: classes, writing

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