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Supernatural 0206 - The Usual Suspects


Oh no. Oh dammit, police raid.

I know that guy from somewhere, I just don't know where.


Oh Dean's gonna kill you.

Yay! Pre-Law Sammich! WOOHOO!

Sam's still 23. So this is before May 2nd.

Sammich had straight A's. We know that, now it's Kripked.

Oh man, Sammy, I heart you SO much.


Dude. I love Sam so much right now, he's such a nice ass when he wants to be.

Oh, don't go there bitch.

Tony Giles. Oh no, throat slit. Demon.

"I'm not Scully, you're Scully." "I'm not Scully, you're a red-headed woman."

I'm really liking this, hearing Sam's lies and seeing the truth. Pretty cool Kripke.

Sam's faces at Dean while insurance agents rock.

Succubus maybe? Pale woman, red eyes, dreams.

"[...] but she gave us the key!" *Lock picking*

I love that not only is St. Louis coming back to haunt them but all those times they didn't wipe down their prints.

I knew Dean was gonna make the Jack reference. He wouldn't be him if he didn't.

Dean CANNOT handle not having anything to do. I heart his annoying retardations.

Oh yeah, take off your glases you stupid bitch. That bitch is about as blind as I am without my glasses it looks like. You know, whenever I'm scared and think I'm seeing things I ALWAYS take off my glasses to get a better look. You stupid fucking tool.

Emily Rose?

Demon. Or, y'know, spirit or something.

God please tell me you're going for something more than a flashlight.

Yeah, Emily Rose.


Back on.

It looks like she was stabbed in the stomach.

...And had her throt slightly cut.

Oh don't touch her--Oh.

Dean, you poor fool. You are fucked sideways now ain't ya?

"Sam's story matchs Dean's to the last detail." Because they are BRAIN TWINS.

Also? Circumstantial evidence is not weak, anything not eye-witness is circumstanial. Fingerprints are circumstantial.

...Okay. Linda Blair and that one dude is kinda creepy.

I love that, they're not even in the same room and they're practically having a conversation.

Okay. I? Just yelled "Boo! He wants someone from Wolfram & Hart!"

Dean so does not care even a tiny bit about his charges.

"I'm handcuffed to a table, yeah, I get it."

I love the way Dean says "brother."

They both called him Matlock. I think I'm even more in love now.

Also? Poor Reagen, that fucker's come back for her again.

WTF did Dean confess to? You RETARD.

Oh man. I actually face-palmed when Dean said "or what did."

Well, at least he can try for the insanity defense.

"Oh yeah, that wasn't me either, that was a shapeshifter creature that looked like me."

Damn. Dean shoved face-first into the wall is... bhejklDNKLOdsd


Dude. Steve McQueen ref. I'm all nostalgiac for Fastlane now.

DUDE. They totally have their own language. I bet it used to drive John NUTS.

Poor Reagen. Also? WTF was with Emily's neck-piece? That thing looked funnier than it did creepy.

Se believes him now. Duh.

She's freaked out.

Defense attorney probably helped let the guy who killed her go. And Reagen was the arresting officer or something like that. Bet she was tied up.

First motel in the yellow pages, Jim Rockford. That's how thy find each other. I'm in so much love right now it's kinda insane.

Yay Sammy! Get on with your law-breaking self!

I seem to have a weird kink for Sam's cast right now.

Sammy and Reagen workin' a case. NICE.

"Of course it is."

He cant see her.

No wait, she vanished. Damn.

Guh. He just helped move that thing with ONE HAND.

Oh and she's buried in a wall. Nice. Stir of Echoes much?

"You know, this is bothering me." "Well, you ARE digging up a corpse." "No, not that. That's par for the course really."

Cause it's not HER remains.

Okay, it is her. But she wanted them to know she was murdered. And who by.

Tell me Pete did it.

Knew it.

DEATH OMEN! A justice-seaking spirit. I love this show so hard.

Oh man Dean, you know he's gonna try and kill you, don't you?

Oh Dean, come on baby.

"Might wanna get your prostate checked."

I know him from somewhere; where do I know him from?


Sam will kill him if he tries anything.

Dean and Sam are totally having their own conversation.

Dean "hey"'d at being called a scumbag.


She's gonna kill him.

Oh yeah, go Emily Rose!

Aw, commercial.

Yay! Back!

It's day now? They been out there that long trying to figure out what to do?

Yay! She let them go!

Ha! They're gonna TOTALLY break in and rescue Dean's girl.


"Did she look familar to you?" "No." "You hungry? For some reason I could really go for some pea soup."


Also? Both the boys now have warrents out for their arrest. If they ever get pulled over they're gonna have to knock the cop out and get to steppin' QUICK.

Is it next Thursday yet?
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