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Ma's is fucking BORING.

Okay. So. I got two index cards done in the last three hours because I put on Supernatural and was dumb enough to think I could do anything while watching it.

Supernatural cancells out my ADD.

Okay, so I started out watching Skin right? For no reason at all (Okay, I heart the ep and it rocks).

First off? I forgot how much I liked Rebecca ("Little Becky" as Sam calls her before she tells him "where to shove that 'little Becky' crap.").

I still love that Sam knew the Shapeshifter wasn't Dean even after he answered Sam's trick question right. Sam knows his brother.

And? Good God, Shapeshifter!Dean fighting Sammich is still mind-numbingly hot. I'd say more but my brain is kinda stuck on that. That and the fact that apparently Dean's alway been able to kick Sam's ass, which makes sense because Dean's four years older than Sam and means that he likely has an advantage of two or three years more training than Sam, with an added four now after Stanford.

And then I watched Bloody Mary after that.

Okay there's the scene after Jill dies when Charlie sneaks Sam and Dean into her room, right? It's the scene where Dean asks if he looks like Paris Hilton?

Anyway, I always thought that Sam told Dean the nightvision was on and then Dean made the comment. But then I watched it again today.

He didn't.

Sam picks up the camera, fiddles around with it and says; "Hey. Nightvision." Then Dean reaches over andf clicks on the nightvision right away with one touch of one button. Sam then says "Thanks" and we get Dean's line.

Sam couldn't work the camera on his own. Dean had to turn on the right feature for him.

Dean. You gigantic Nerd I heart you more and more.

Then I watched Bugs. Or tried. It was the second time I've seen it (All other eps have a few more watches on them) and I still had to cover my eyes and ears for most of it. Hell, I had to completely leave the room for one scene. It's all because bugs are to me what clowns are to pretty much everyone else in fandom. Bugs are not just gross they are fucking terrifying, they're creepy and crawly and I really just hate them with a huge fucking passion.

So yeah. Now I'm gonna go wander around online and do my Mini!NaNoWriMo words.
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