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Why do Americans have shitty taste in movies?

Okay, I just saw Unbreakable last night. Holy shit that was an awesome movie! Why the hell did so many people not like this? As my friend Amanda just said "I have never seen a comic type movie done that realisticly."

Was it like Pay it Forward? Did people not like it because of the ending? It was supposed to be a trilogy but the second and third films were scapped when the movie tanked. I've had this movie like forever and only just watched it tonight. I repeat: Such an awesome movie! M. Night Last-Name-I-Can't-Spell kept his trademarks in it. I told Amanda to watch out for water and the color red. In this movie it was more any sort of bright vivid color but red did come into play. Water...well, duh.

What pisses me off is that a movie this well-done and good can tank at the box office while "Kangaroo Jack" rakes in the big bucks. Americans don't like to think and god-forbid something new and different should come along! The shock and horror!


I've never lived with girls before coming here. Sisters don't count (Blood/step/in-law/chosen included) because none of mine are/were girly girls. Chelsea is the girliest girl I know (She's been my best friend since we were 9), a cheerleader, and even she wasn't very girly.

Which means all my knowledge of what girls do in their spare time comes from television and movies. I know that about 99% of that is crap. They (I realize I'm female but I'm approaching this as an outsider, what with my little knowledge of their habits and behaviours [I feel like the Croc Hunter]) don't have slumber parties in slinky nighties, they don't spontanously pillow-fight, the straight ones don't practice kissing on each other (Sorry guys), they don't do spontaneous make-overs, and they don't sit around braiding each others hair when they get bored.

Or so I thought.

The only Roomie I have that's new to me is a South African girl named Shamu (I'm not being mean, that's her name. It means something pretty but I can't remember what). At the moment Rosa is camping and Midget is visiting her family in Casa Grande so that leaves me and Shamu here. Shamu is really nice (She bought me a soda for no reason. Soda's here are like ciggarettes in prison) and about an hour ago she got bored and asked if she could braid my hair. Not like one big braid or a french braid or anything but the tiny ones a lot of the girls here have. I didn't want to be rude so I said sure.

My head hurt so bad my eyes started to water. I now have seven small cornrows that go about halfway back on my head. They are pulled incredibly tight but I can no longer feel my pulse pounding in my head. They do look cool but holy crap the pain! I now have a huge newfound respect for all the girls and guys here who do this weekly and/or bi-weekly.

And now I feel the need to make a list of the things I've learned since coming to Job Corps...Maybe I'll work on that later.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that my hair is actually down at the moment. It's never down unless I'm on my way in or out of a shower or pool. It would be up if it weren't for the fact that Shamu also straightened the part of my hair she didn't braid. She spent so much time doing it that I'd feel kinda guilty if I put it up. It's 3:16 now though and dinner is at four and I want to put it back for dinner. Not sure what I'm gonna do, I don't want to insult her...

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I have negative issues regarding sexuality? Wow. That's way off. The uncertain sexualy identity thing is kinda-sorta right. I know what I am and how I feel but it doesn't fit into those little boxes humanity decides to label us with. Mainly because of the fact that that word "sex" is always in there somewhere and I still have issues with it.

I don't not like sex, I do. As long as I'm not a physical participant in it.
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