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To-Do List

Slept at Dad's last night. Still wearing my Dean costume, gonna wear it to class today too because all my other clothes are back at Mom's. Gotta say; it looks more Dean-like after it's been slept in.

Last night got fucked over again because of Stephie, fucking whiny bitch. But it's okay, I'm gonna take the six fifty from my student ticket last night and get a camera and I'm gonna do up Yuss and Andy's faces today and shit. Not sure when I'll be able to actually get the camera developed but when I do I should be able to scan the pictures because I just found out the library at the college has a scanner. I hope it's not pay-as-you-scan.

No candy right now, Kelsie wont share hers, meanie. It'd be really nice to have a piece or two now too...

Also? I did not realize until yesterday but when I wear long sleeves I push them up to my elbows like Dean does without even realizing. Kinda weird.

Class today from ten to noon. Then I hope off and need to try and watch Monday's ep of Heroes (, you spoil me so) and then try and pound out a LOT of words (Like say, two fics worth).

So I'm gonna go catch up on my FList right now, okay? Okay.

I'm gonna tack this on the end of my posts until I'm done (more or less) for a while.

JENNY! DUDE! VH1 is in my good list right now. *Sings*


Write 500 words of fic every day. Due every day in November.
Fics for spn_halloween challenge. Due on November 2nd.
Write six minute Comm speech on topic (With approved outline and visual aids). Speech date is November 6th.
Write chapter five summary for Eng. Due November 2nd.

Write Dean-and-babies story for fecundfic.
Write Andy!Fic (Simon Says AU).
Type up Midnight!PDO fic.

Make more headers.
Redo userinfo.
Make icons.
Tags: halloween, mini!nanowrimo, rl, to-do list


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