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Skip the meme

Ganked from glockgal

[First job]: Baby-sitting
[First screen name]: I think it was Angle5758, I remember I was trying to spell Angel but kept having Lysdexic moments...Huh. I guess I do have it with more than numbers...
[First funeral]: Actually my Grandmother's husband's funeral just a few months ago (I've never been allowed to go before for various reasons).
[First pet]: A dog named Chewba.
[First piercing]: My ears when I was seven
[First tattoo]: None yet
[First credit card]: T'cha, right
[First kiss]: My best friend Bud when I was like 11 or 12 I think
[First enemy]: Heather "Little Miss Perfect" McCormack
[First favorite musician]: I think it was George Michael (My parents and siblings have always had good taste).

[Last car ride]: 6:45 this afternoon. It was a cab back from PT
[Last kiss]: Wow. I can't actually remember. I think it was one of my friends when I was like 15 or 16. That is far too long.
[Last movie watched]: The Bourne Supremecy. ::Loves on it::
[Last beverage drank]: Starts and Stripes COLA (3-liter from the 99 cent store)
[Last food consumed]: A small package of Peter Pan Peanut Butter a few minutes ago actually.
[Last phone call]: (Just realized I was suppossed to call my Granmda today) Called ACCCHS to get my ride back from PT earlier. Technically I talked to someone one a phone for a few seconds a while ago but I didn't call or get called and I said like one sentence.
[Last time showered]: Sometime this afternoon/night, I don't remember the exact time though.
[Last CD played]: Midget played Eminem earlier. Does that count?
[Last website visited]: LJ
[Lesson learned]: Think twice before putting things in your LJ ::Glares at sanrei::

[Single or Taken]: ::Twitch:: Not single but "taken" sounds wrong on very many levels.
[Sex]: Chick
[Birthday]: 4-22-86
[Sign]: Taurus. I'm stubborn as a bull. And from Chicago!
[Siblings]: Too many.
[Hair color]: At the moment it's red
[Eye color]: I think they're like blueish now but it depends on what I wear.
[Shoe size]: 10 1/2 Men
[Height]: 5'9
[Mood]: Eh, kinda tired.
[City you're in]: Phoenix

Right now what are you...
[Supposed to be doing instead of this]: CHecking my flist.
[Wearing]: Dark blue JNCO shirt, crappy starter pants (With the buttons open over my brace), my Ukons, socks, underwear, a shit-load of jewelry...
[Drinking]: Nothing
[Thinking about]: stewardess's BHD 'verse.
[Listening to]: Lou Vallentino on 98KUPD
[About to do]: Finish this.
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