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Happy Halloween y'all!

Got most of my Dean costume. Had to get a fake!fancy!blade when I realized walking around in Arizona with a real looking fake gun might be a V. bad idea.

Getting the wig with Daddy before class today. I can't find any short wigs so I think I'm gonna have to get a long brown hippie wig and try and cut it shoulder length or so from there. Dammit.

I have a necklace that I'm hoping will resemble Dean's amulet (but metal) from a bit away. I've got my other necklaces off and all my bracelets except the tiny one on my right wrist. My left wrist only bears my watch (which has a huge leather strap and works awesome for Dean). I've still got on four of my rings because I feel weird without them, but three are coming off and the thumb ring is getting moved to the right hand ring finger.

I've got my boots and Dean pants, my black shirt, my blue button-down and my most uncomfortable bra on (Because Dean would totally show off his chest if he had one).

Dean will either be wearing glasses or falling all over everything so Dean will be wearing glasses.

I've still gotta take out three of my earings and try to hide the slightly-gaged one.

I've got the blood and facepaint for Andy and Joseph (And the bloodish red nailpolish).

I'm probably not gonna wear the wig to class because that might be just a little too sad-feeling for me.

Me and Yuss are going to see Rocky Horror in Chandler tonight, hopefully Aiden (He of the broken-spleen from the night of the fucked-up-knee) will be able to come and hopefully Andy will be both able to come and able to let me and Yuss crash down there in Mesa tonight.

Must remeber to get a disposable camera too.

Probably not gonna be on today. If I am it'll be sometime around 1540 my time.

Heart y'all and hope you have happy Halloweens!
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