BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,


Okay. So I'm planning on doing up my User Info so it looks all spiffy and stuff, right? And I'm looking through my Jensen and Jared promo pics and...

I really think it would be nice to do innapropriate things to Jared Padalecki. That's as far as my brain goes but it's true. Jensen's nice and hot and all but Jared is a big boy. He's tall and broad and thick and totally makes Jensen look scrawny. Jensen? Is not scrawny.

I'm almost positive it's that whole "I look like I need to duck and turn sideways to walk through a door" thing he's got going on but... Yeah. Mm.

Also? I can't stop staring at his hands and fingers.

Man I need to make eighteen thousand more headers.

Have I ever mentioned how very much I love this icon right here?
Tags: fandom:, insanity, paddywhack, supernatural

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