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Supernatural 0205 - Simon Says

Randomness first, coherency later.

I think Ellen may have sent Jo down to get beer for a specific purpose. Maybe Jo's a Special Girl too?

Dean singing REO Speed Wagon? HA! And? Julia? I still can't find that site where I heard the stuff about the song but nevertheless I got an "I'm going to hell" giggle out of that.

Dean handing over his girl? SOFA KING FUH KNEE! "Can I have it?" "Sure!"

Andy? Was love. And the van? Dean wanted that van SO BAD when he was a kid. Still wants it, but not as much as he loves his baby.

Also? I totally knew it wasn't him. But? I thought that it was gonna be Tracy and that she was his twin sister (Either known or unknown). And then we found out it was Weber and WOW. That...

I'm almost sure that even if I weren't a Wincester I would've been able to see unrequited Webber/Andy in the dam scene. "I see what you see in him [...]" anbd other things like that. Seriously. It's RIGHT THERE.

Also? Dr. Badass wins my heart. "Sam. And Dean. Sam and Dean." And Ash answering the door NAKED. I luff him muchly, yo.

And Sam clocking Webber with his cast rocked.

And? Dean going to His Sammy when Sammich's visions bitchslap his ass down will never fail to make me go "DEEN!" at the screen.

Randomly? I'm lucky my brother is cool because the whole thing with me yelling and talkinjg back to the screen could be really embarassing otherwise.


Also? I was totally chanting for Sammich to kill Weber. Because that would be a HUGE compromise to Sammich's morals and ideals. As implied at the end of the episode Sam doesn't really think there's ever an excuse to kill a human, and I think he's already got a few issues of his own with him killing all those monsters and demons and spirits and such. It kinda makes me wonder what he thinks of Dean. Dean was ready to kill Max and DID kill that Unnamed Demon possessing the innocent person. Personally I think maybe Sam tries to forget the part where there was an innocent huiman involved.

And? Ellen wins. And her dressing the boys down was the awesome. And? I really need to type up my theory on why John didn't tell the boiys about the Hunter Newsletter and things like that, because if I don't type it soon it'll look like I'm trying to pull an "I SO CALLED THAT!" claim.

And Dean calling a do-over? Love.

I really love how protective of Sam Dean was this whole ep. He really is just an AWESOME big brother.

OOH! AND I ALMOST FORGOT! When we come back from commercial and Doc is dead and Sammich is sitting on the ground near him? Dean is drawing his hand back, like he was just petting Sam's shoulder in comfort or something. That made my ENTIRE DAY.

Also? So much love for neither of the Jesse Custer's being able to use The Word on Sam. [/Preacher reference]

I love it every single time Dean gets his Geek on and I loved it when Andy echoed him unconsciously later in the ep ("These are not the droids you're looking for."). Dean is always so very pleased with himself when he makes a pop culture reference too; you know he watched all kinds of movies late at night in the motels growing up so he could have some kind of clue what the hell the other kids were talking about in class.

Oh! And that little thing at the end, the bit where Webber's adopted mother didn't die? Threw me. I really wasn't expecting it and the only way to still fit it in is to make him have been adopted by a lone male or two men. And I really don't see either of those being realistic; especially since Kripke likes to throw us this groovy little wrenches ("If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball!")

Also? Dean's scared of Ellen. Smart boy, that one.

"I have an evil twin?"

And? I'm right on with Dean; REO Speedwagon is lameass shit. But I love the song getting stuck in his head, because it's never the good songs that get stuck. The amount of times "All The Small Things" has gotten stuck in my head proves that.

The bong cracked my shit up. Andy totally talked that off of someone; before that he had a Pepsi can and a few hollowed out apples.

tuesdaysgone? I'm glad you saw it too. Webber was totally the Poor Man's Elijah Wood.

And Soundgarden at the end? God Kripke, if I didn't love you before that right there would've done it.

I totally have a crush on Ash. And might kinda wanna see some Dean/Ash now. Anyone? Anyone?

And I'm with apocalypsos, I really wanna write Andy!Fic now.

Dean + Sniper Rifle (Ability to use it) = Incoherent Clex.

Also? For the record?

Max = Only child, first born, first born son. Born in 1983.
Andy and Webber = Twins, first and second born, first and second born sons. Born in 1983.
Rosie = Only child, first born, first born daughter. Born in 2006.
Sam = One of two sons, second born, second born son. Born in 1983.

Really, if the twins count as one because The Demon goes by days instead of seconds or hours or something then Sam breaks the pattern because of Dean. Wouldn't it be a shocker if Dean was adopted and Sammich was the first-born? Or if Sammich was adopted and shares no genes with any of the Winchester bloodline? Hell, maybe that's why they did the thing with Andy, because Sam is fully human but was adopted. It's possible.

"You've always been a freak."

Okay. So. My theory I mentioned earlier? Goes like this.

I think Sam is part-demon. This seems to be common so I'm not gonna dwell on it, I don't WANT him to be part demon but I think it's gonna happen. I think that John knew and has known for a whiile. I think that is why he never told Sam and Dean about the Hunter Network. I think he knew how many hunters out there were like Gordon, people who just decided that everything not human was evil and should be put to death [*] and knew what could happen to Sam if any of them found out The Secret.

John obviously had a few hunters or hunter-type people who he knew he could trust around the boys (Caleb, Pastor Jim, Joshua and the others Sam and Dean have called for help in the past), so it wasn't that he didn't want them to know anything about The Family Business, he just didn't want them exposed to the kinds of people that were dangerous to His Boys. John was a wee bit overprotective of his boys I think, I mean this is a guy who took his infant and toddler with him across the country to hunt demons because he knew he couldn't leave them with well-meaning but ignorant people.

[*] We just did a chapter in Comm about co-culture and ethnocentrism and you have no idea how much I wanted to make the law-breaking nazi comment right there..

Next week: Some episode with a wonky trailer that probably has nothing at all to do with it being 11-2-06.

Did I forget anything?
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