BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Mini Update

I have class in twelve minutes so this is gonna be quick.

ENG102 is the most boring class ever. And I had back-to-back classes last semester (TR classes too so they were from 10-1245) with the AJS deparments Ben Stein.

ENG102 is also an eight week course from 1300-1540 TR.

We're learning mostly about researching things for research papers. I know about the free web V. the paid web and about library databases and why you should avoid using Google and Wikipedia for anything that really matters. I sit in class most of the time trying not to fall asleep.

Also? I picked it because it said it was a class where we were gonna do our papers on films.

Nope. We're doing our papers on directors. I may have to choose Kevin Smith because aside from the Big Ones (Spielberg and such) he and Peter Jackson are about all I know.

And look, the Catalina Room has opened up for class early. Yay.

In other news Halloween might be canceled this year, details at a later time (Maybe).

Tags: gripeage, halloween, random: bitching, ranting, rl: classes, squeeage

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