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Woo-hoo! Also--shit.

Yay! And boo! Today started out good and then went kinda wonky.

First I woke up and was ready early enough to eat breakfast (That has happened twice since I hurt my knee), then I got to sit on the net in Security today because Thom was doing TAR's I already had maxed out (You need to complete each Requirment--TAR--3 or four times, you must be at a level where you can stand in front of the class and teach the TAR).

After that I taught myself how to make icons in Photoshop while in Creative Siatech (The place I sit when I'm supposed to be doing math), then I managed to sign up for the blood drive and was allowed to give blood (Last time my iron was one point below so I wasn't allowed to donate). Then when I got out of school I found out I had made PhaseIII! And Rosa and Midget are now my Roomies again (They're two of the three who got promoted out of the old room).

This is where it starts to shit out. Nothing real bad but just enough to remind me that life has a way of balancing itself out.

Remember how I said I got to eat breakfast today? I forgot to eat lunch. Then I donated blood at 2:30.

Remember how I said I got phase III? I forgot I had donated (Without food) and hour beforehand and started to pack my things. Then we had a fire drill. I was so dizzy and light-headed that Wes (Dude from Security) and another guy had to help me across the street to the meeting place.

Remember how I said I donated blood? I should have looked at a calender. Two more days and they could've had all the blood they wanted.

James (The boyfriend) was sweet, he made me a ceramic heart with my name on it and this cute card-ish thing with two foam dragons on it. I feel bad though because A) I was so out of it that seven_flower had to remind me that he gave me anything at all. And B) I'm not very touchy-feely and I feel bad that giving him a hug is awkward for me. I can hug my friends when they're upset or sick but when I try to give my boyfriend a hug I react like he's an old aunt you've never met.

New comp is trashed too. There's so much spyware on here it isn't even funny. And it's all locked up so unless I can get administrative access it can't be fixed. Thank you sanrei for the help! ::Hugs::

Okay. 2:11am and I have to be up in four hours and change. And I still need to check my flist.

Night all.

P.S. Oh yeah, in PhaseIII I get a midnight weekday curfew, a 2am weekend curfew and a TV. Woot!

[EDIT] Thanks to forwrathandruin for help with the spyware problem, I've DL'd the program and will fix the comp tomorrow.

Also I forgot to mention the part of the day where I look like a junkie because of the large purple bruise below the hole the needle went into. That combined with where we are (Downtown Phoenix), the other bruise on the other side of my arm and the whole dizzy/light-headed thing must have made me out real nice.

2:52am now. I actually am going to sleep this time. For 3 1/2 hours. -_-()
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