BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Friday Night Lights

I have complete love for this show and really, I had no intention of actually watching it in the first place. But now? I'm kinda hooked.

And last night? I totally teared up a tiny bit during one scene because it was realistic and it just HURT.

Fuck. Now I need to go find FNL icons...


Have no fucking clue what the show is or what's going on? Here's a cheat-sheet for you. Also? You can DL the eps at

Come on, keep the show on the air. It's good; really it is.

Tuesday's at... Well, it's seven here so it's probably eight everywhere else. It's first show of the night in Prime Time for NBC on Tuesdays.

It'll be worth your while. Seriously.
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