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Very quick RL update

Tuesday I went to Sociology and realized that no one in class had any clue what was going on. And? The teacher made me feel like I was fucking stupid when I asked questions.

Wednesday: Dropped Soc and picked up an eight-week English class. I start October 18th. Sixteen weeks worth of English 102, complete with multiple 4,000 papers and everything, crammed into eight weeks. First semester I did an eight-week Eng101 course and got brain pains. I got an A in it (I think) but it was... Oy.

Friday: Sold back my $120 Soc book. Got $18 bucks for it. Whores. Grabbed all my shit together and went over to Daddy and Kimmy's. Goofed off, fucked around and watched a bunch of TV.

Saturday: Mother of God, dude. It started out all fun and groovy whemn I got to talk to Mikhale and Julia for a few hours. Well, okay, technically it started with me waking up at 0630 and then a few hours of random until I got to talk to them but, whatever.

And then. See, Kelsie, Kimmy's daughter, turned 12 on Monday and had her party Saturday going into Sunday (Sleepover with the girls). I, for some insane reason, agreed to go with Kimmy to Great Skate and watch all eleven of the kids while they skated and went ape-shit for a few hours.

We get there and they're blaring Clay Aiken. MOG, dude. I got to threaten a little boy who was pushing the girls, I got to get refills of pitchers of soda and I watched everyone's stuff.

It wasn't as bad as it could have been though, and I even skated for about a half an hour or so.

Then we hearded everyone back towards the apartment and insanity broke loose.

Me and Yuss and Andy got Wendy's and then Kelsie complained because she wanted some (Despite having two pizzas at Great Skate). Kelsie's cool and all but she's spoiled and doesn't know jack shit about respect.

The night was okay, crappy music was played outside and Kim got bitched at by the cops because she was setting off illegal fireworks (Black Cats and small shit like that) in the middle of the road. SO MUCH FUNNY.

And? Andy? Got beat up by an eleven-year-old girl. Andy is 25, 6'1, and about 400lbs and Jamie, the girl, looks like she's eight. She socked him so hard he has fucking bruises, it was AWESOME.

Sunday (Today): This morning though? I wanted to kill most of the girls. Except Jamie, because Jamie was the coolest. And it would figure because she was the tomboy of the bunch.

Everyone else was rude and spoiled and I was kicked off the computer while trying to use it ("Hey, are you on MySpace?" "No way." "Do you play Habbo Hotel?" "What the fuck is that?"). And then? I pick up Kelsie's new PSP while she and her firends are on their way to the park across the street. Her firends? Come back in and one of them takes the PSP directly out of my fucking hands. Doesn;t ask or anything just fucking grabs it out of my hand like a spoiled little bitch.

I was so happy when they went back to Great Skate again without me, you have no fucking clue.

And now? I sit on the comp, doing nothing with nothing to do.

Fic-wise? I would like y'all to knwo that I'm still working on the rest of the Five Things fics, still obsessing over the KNowledge thing that I will tell y'all about eventually and brainstorming with Julia and Mikhale about SamandDean's first time.
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