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I heart Denny/Izzy.

I've been up for about forty-five minutes. Woke up from a dream and still remembering it, two unusual things. Third unusual? It was Grey's Anatomy. Shown like parts of an episode and all Denny and Izzy (With a little bit of Alex).

The dream is under the cut, not spoilery as far as I know because I've only ever seen like, six episodes of GA, four with Denny.

Denny's in the hospital and doing asl bad as usual, Izzy sings "You are my sunshine" to him while he's unconscious. Alex sees one of the times she does this (Because he's walking past the room) and pauses like people pause on this show when they have an emotion and don't want to show it.

The People In Charge there are not happy about Denny and Izzy and want Izzy to stop.

There's a skip in the disc but next thing I know Izzy's in the room next to him, hooked up to the machines and seperated by a window with those blue blinds. I don't know what happened but I kinda wanna say she did it. I don't think it was a suicide attempt, it feels more like whatever she did she did on accident.

Anyway, Izzy's doing pretty bad and the doctors aren't sure what to do now, they've done all they can and it's helped a little but the heart monitor is still doing that slow beep it does in the movies when someone's in a coma or something.

This is where the cinematography comes in.

All of a sudden it starts cutting. Alex is talking to The People In Charge and Denny is in his room. It starts with TPIC talking to Alex about Denny and Izzy. They're talking back and forth and then the scene cuts to Denny on a chair in his room, peeking through the blinds at Izzywhile she just lays there pathetically. Alex's voice is heard over this scene and he tells TPIC (In one of those rare moments of Not An Asshat that he has) something along the lines of "You want him to live then you have to leave him and Izzy alone, she's the only thing keeping him going." God my suibconcious is lame.

Denny's sitting alone in the room, hand pressed against the window, head bowed. The whole scene is completely silent except for the low beeping of his heart monitor and the lower beeping of hers in the next room. Then suddenly we hear, in a very bad, cracking voice, incredibly off-key and warbling, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine." It's Denny, singing to Izzy through the glass and wall.

The shot pulls back out on him, this small, lone figure in this dark room as he sings out the next line "You make me happy, when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love you." The shot switches to Izzy laying unconscious on her bed, her beeping is ouder and his is quieter because now we're in the room with her. She doesn't twitch or move and there's no change in either beeping. There's this pathetically broken, kinda soft line of "So please don't take... my sunshine... away." His voice stops and we're still on Izzy, her heart monitor steady as before, his steady in the next room, her not moving and then the screen flashes to black.

I know what you want to say, Julia. Don't. I cannot control my subconscious, if I could it wouldn't be the sub.
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