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Quick update from Dad's.

Saw Accepted, ate food, stayed the night, watched some SPN eps.

Freckles stayed the night too and the poor puppy looks like a bad prize fighter, first he got punched in the face by Andy and then he got a black eye.

Andy was trying to punch Yussie and he didn't see Freckles laying on his knee. Poor puppy yelped and cried and Andy and Joe both apologized to him.

Then, this morning, we brought him back the bone from a T-Bone steak and the mutt-puppy fell on it and got himself right around his left eye.

Freckles now has a swollen lump on his snout and a swollen and red eye.

He's definetly a part of this family.
Tags: fucking mutt, insanity, misc: boredom, mogfreckles!, rl, rl: daddy, rl: idiot-boy, rl: yussel

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