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Went out to eat with Daddy and his girlfriend Kim last night.

Much fun, much.We went out for Chinese food and then stopped for shakes at Sonic.

Of course I've just realized that mine is still sitting in the kitchen from when we came home last night but... Eh.

Going out with Daddy and Kim again today, we're gonna pick up Andy and go to the movies and out to eat and stuff.

Before we went for food last night Dad came in and we showed him pictures from when me and Yuss went to Chicago and saw Grandma Ann and Uncle Al and Aunt Vanessa and everyone. We showed him pictures of our friends and his friend Taz's kid (Who we went to school with and were friends with before we realized we knew his Mom) and I showed him a couple of pictures from my Graduation. I wish he or Mom could've been there.

It'sd okay though, Grandma was there and Addie was there and Yussie was there afterwards (I don't mind him not wanting to go, it's boring as fuck and he was there after for the cake fight) so it was all groovy.

Posted Mascots last night, people seemed to like it. That makes me happy. I'd spent so much time writing it that it was funny to me anymore (Because reowrding the same jokes nine times makes it less of a joke and more of a job) and I wasn't sure if it was gonna bomb-out or something.

Which reminds me. My little brother is apparently even more Dean than I knew. I have two more prompts for spn_flashback, one involving Dean getting all these record-setting numbers of detention and another where he's The coolest kid in school, everyone has all these stories about things he's done and shit.

At Job Corps? Joe holds the records for most write-ups. It was more than two hundred. He was on Dorm Restriction the entire time there and never did it, kept leaving for the weekend and going wherever, he was on room restriction for most of it too and was only in his room when he slept, he cursed and put his feet on the tables and did whatever the hell he wanted. They didn't kick him out because they were all minor infractions and nothing big enough to justify Termination from Job Corps. He ran that place.

And? Both at Job Corps and West Valley (Pappas High) he was The Cool Kid. West Valley was very segregated, the black kids sat over there and didn't associcate with anyone else unless they were in the same Group Home, the Mexicans sat over there and didn't associcate with anyone else unless they were in the same Group Home, same with the white kids. Joseph? Could freely talk to anyone and sit wherever the fuck he wanted, everyone thought he was awesome and no one disliked him at all. This is a kid who had me paint his nails pink (His favorite color) the night before school once and had every guy there in pink nails the day after.

Heh. I'm watching Meet the Press (I can't believe I just admitted that) and Rick Santorum is on. I know nothing about him except that apocalypsos doesn't like him. Not that I'm watching him and hearing him speak and all that shit? He seems like a dick and just said that Bob Casey's father would be distressed about his Plan B thoughts if he were alive today. Dude. What the fuck is wrong with you, you tool? Common fucking decency dude, you don't say anything about someone's dead parent you fucking shit-head.

I kinda wanna move to PA just to vote against Santorum now. Jesus Fuck, man. He cost the taxpayers how much sending his kids to school where he didn't live? Oh, and he's a hypocrit too, nice.

Fucking tool.
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