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Eighteen minutes till I catch the bus.

So. I've got some new people on the FList care of spn_gleeweek.


Also? This is the part where I warn you all that I am very anti-spoiler and that should any of y'all spoil me you're headed right off that FList.

What is a spoiler? Mood, reaction, cries of rage or tears of happiness. Episode titles, characters (Not Sam or Dean but definetly John) in the episodes, casting news, quotes from the show, music from the show (Seriously man, they choose the music like a Fanmix, but better), anything at all from a show not aired yet.

If you find a spoiler and post it beneath a cut tag and then scream or cry or sigh in releif right below the cut and out in the open? It is a spoiler. We all know how some people would react to John living or dieing and how some people would react to say Cassie coming back.


Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six of your friends and tag them; no tag backs. This explanation should be included.

1) I'm a relatively good artist. You know that comic for serpentcoils at the PBFE? Yeah, that was me. I also have a piece of artwork hanging in a comic show down in Mesa and I've designed several tattooes for friends.

2) I have a knee brace that I have to wear when I want to walk anywhere from an incident I had about two years ago (Torn ACL).

3) I spent a good year or so of my life completely nocturnal. Up after the sun set, down before it rose.

4) I dropped out of school in sixth grade. This probably has a lot to do with why I'm so insecure with my writing; I have missed more than a few English classes and don't some basic things. Like an adverb or a pronoun. Hell, I only know what a verb is from those commercials "Verb, it's what you do."

5) I don't wear makeup. Sometimes I wear chapstick but not often. Unless it's Halloween or I'm going to Rocky or something.

6) When I'm at home? I wear my bra, boxers and a pair of basketball shorts. The only time I have more than that on is when I'm about to leave somwhere (Like now, where I have a shirt on for school) or have just walked in and haven't been able to strip it off yet.


Also? I'm making a list of words for la_folle_allure to say in a voicepost. And? I think that all of y'all on my FList who can make voiceposts should totally record yourself saying these words, I really wanna hear them.

Canyon de Chelly
Mogollon Rim
Casa Grande
Gila Bend
Des Moines
Des Plaines
El pollo loco


Last night I won a headdesk/keymash contest.

For serious, yo.
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