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Prison Break - 0201 - Manhunt

Recap. Nice

Liked the way they showed everyones crimes too.

Haywire is fucking retarded and awesome.

(Mom yells from the other room "How many people did they take with them?")

William Fitchner rocks my socks BTW.

Hey look, it's a Fox River Inmate hunt!

Convieniant train.

Bellick's totally gonna eat their bones dude.

Fitchner still rocks.

I totally like the psychoanalysis of The Guys.

Lincoln looks yummy.

Oh God. Donm't make this the Sara Tancredi show like SV became The Lana Lang Show.

Also? Sara looks amazingly good for someone who just ODed.


I like that they have pictures of Michael's tats, because all tats and identifying marks are photographed coming in.

I like how much Bellick doesn't like Fitchner's chara.

And now it's fucking POURING outside. Man if the power goes I will be PISSED.

Wow. Martha Stewart totally Man in the Iron Masked her brother. Damage.

Linc still looks yummy. Sucre and C-Note are rockin' the eaves-droppinng.

And? C-Note is awesome with kids, love his interaction with the little girl. Michael? Is fucking creepy.

BTW? Supernatural has ate my brain. When the little girl said she was "hunting" my brain ran the Winchester way. Maybe the boys have a little cousin? N'ah, she's just another kid from Blue Earth, Minmesotta.

Saw Abruzzi scoop up the girl and then mnissed everything until T-Bag walked into the clinic. (I heart you Elissa, I'm sorry you got stuck! I'm glad you're okay though!) Someone wanna fill me in?

Also? Michael saying to be smart about seeing the familes? KIDNAPPING IS TYHE ONLY WAY.

Michael's loft. Striped naked and everything.

Fitcher's rockin' my socks here dude.

And? I'm lovin' that Bellick's still in on this cause he's pissed and wants Michael's fucking hide dude.


I know Sara should look worse though. It's been hours since she ODed herself.

Not all that big and excited about the whole Terrance and Veronica thing. I could care less but not a lot.

Aw. T-Bag's hand is dieing. I kinda wanna hold a funeral now. :P

And? Totally thought T-Bag said he "ate" no one. Then I realized that made no sense.

Yeah. That's not where they're at. The guys and the guards are at different places.

Told you.


"Oh-ho-ho. Oh that kid's clever." Heart you Fitchner's Character!

"We're gonna burn in hell guys." Love you Sucre!

Idlewild commercial. Still no fucking clue what Fitchner's Character's name is. He is now just known as Fitchner's Character.

I want to takw this time to inform you all that Dean is ashamed of Julia's musical "tastes." So is John. He is sadened by it.

Back on.


Aww. Fernie's wearinf Sammich's jacket!

Archie Ryan and Finneas McClintock.

Also? How much do I love that the clothes don't magically fit? T H I S M U C H ! ! ! !

A pill? Oh dude. Don't tell me he's got Michael's thing too.

Those boys DO blend in nicely.

Dude Linc. You mook. Veronica? They're gonna kill you and him.


Holy shit! I thought they were gonna kill Steadman.

Holy fucking shit dude.

They fucking KILLED Veronica and chopped her up.

Michael and Lincoln are fucking SCREWED.

Loved Linc's reaction BTW, Dominic just OWNED that right there.

Was that brail on the crane?


It's official. I fucking hate this show. It OWNS me and pawns me for crack. I was kinda hoping a little that it would suck. I hate doing the two-fandom thing, it makes my brain hurt.

Yeah. I'm having this tomorrow dudes, totally.
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