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He's charging right now! And? I totally cut out part of the package. Julia quoted Dean on it ("Dad's on a hunting trip, and he hasn't been home in a while") and it's now sitting in front of my TV and behind my notebooks.

Classes started today. Communication 100 and Juvie Justice. Today was pretty much just the syllabi but the classes don't seem too bad.

In Comm we talked a little about movies we'd seen and TV shows we watch and I defended Snakes On A Plane to some chick I can already tell I don't like.

She actually asked about the plot. Even after I said that the plot doesn't matter.

Then Jason, the teacher (Last name of the uneasy pronounciation), asked what TV shows we watched. I said Prison Break and Supernatural and then instantly felt ashamed because no one had any clue what either were.

Why can't there be any Supernatural fans in Arizona? Phil and Andy don't count.

Two hours until Prison Break.

I am so tired. For serious, yo.

...Ugh. I'm gonna have to switch out my PB icons soon aren't I? Fucking escapees. Fuck.
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