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Yeah. So it's been a while since I updated, huh?

Saturday me and Don't Feed Phil went to the movies with Daddy and his friend Brandi. We saw Dead Man's Chest again.

Okay so when they're at Tia Dalma's the first time and Jack steals the ring? There's this silver heart-shaped pendant near his hand. And that musical pendant that Davy Jones has? Is identical. Yes, I am slow. Bite me, I've only JUST seen it for the second time now.

Also? Don't Feed Phil totally spazzed when he saw Barbossa at the end. So much fun.

Dad was telling us while the credits rolled by about how he remembered back in prison when they tried to get the first one.

Everyone on two yards chipped in their commissary money and they pulled up over seven hundred dollars to buy the first movie and get it played for everyone. But then the Idiots In Charge decided that nope, instead of putting it in a projector in every yard like they said they would they were gonna put it on a small TV in visitation and take only the people who payed in to see it, thirty at a time. They were gonna hold a raffle and auction for commissary and all the money was gonna to to "victims rights."

The problem with this is that there are over a thousand people in the prison, on all the yards and in the infirmary and in solitary and the tents and everything. Only a few hundred could afford to pay but word was spread among the inmates that everyone would get to see it. And so when it was "changed" the guys who paid got pissed and demanded their money back, screamed and yelled and everything got canceled.

Six months later it came on TV (They get cable in there). Dad said that you could hear a fucking pin drop in the prison, every person in every tent on every yard was gathered around a TV to watch it. In solitary the guys with TVs turned them full-blast on their "speakers" (The TVs don't have speakers so you plug in the headphones and stick a toilet paper tube with holes poked in it through the sides to make speakers) so the guys without TVs could still hear it. Dad said you could walk into and cell on the pod and there would be a half-dozen guys crammed into it gathered around the TV.


After the movie we went to Brandi's and hung out until almost one in the morning, then we got some candy at Wally World and Daddy dropped us back off at home.

Sunday me and Phil went to eat at Jenny's (The Gay Denny's) and then went and then goofed off at Samurai Comics for a while. Then we came home and Phil left. I got bored and tried not to sleep, ended up going to the mall (Which SUCKS) and then to Wally World where I got PB Season One because my little brother is the bestest ever.

I start school in exactly one week. I have neither my financial aid nor John. Both should have been here by now so now I'm starting to think it might be something with my mail, seeing as how "Hendrickson" is the name on the inside of the mail box.

I am so bored. I have nothing to do and nowhere to go and no money. And I need to get shoes and pants and books for school and that's just not something I can do without money dammit.

I'm also working on breaking Sammich in a fic and I am hoping it will be good. Plus? It lets me write John and that makes me happier than it should.

Also? Stuff.

'Nother GIP again. This one wasn't made by me though, but rocks nonetheless.

Oh right, I have another fic-thing I'm gonna be doing. 50 thing Sam knows about Dean, 50 things Dean knows about Sam, 50 things no one else knows about either and 25 Things You Don't Talk About. This is not actually the title, just the working one to help me remember the basics.
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