BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

Boredom strikes again.

Very bored. Decided to spam my own journal because it's mine and I can do it if I want to. Will kill my roommates soon. Or at least the two newest ones.

May have gone a little overboard on the colorbars earlier. -_-() ::Sweatdrop::

*So* ganked from mailea

This was done with help from swttrnvstite22 and Virginia (Who has an LJ but can't remember the name and won't let us get her a new one).

5 words that describe you:
- Sarcastic
- Psychotic
- Humorous
- Perfectionist
- Homicidal (swttrnvstite22: "Totally.")

5 web sites you visit daily:
- Livejournal
- MirrorMere
- Google
- MSN (It's the SiaTech homepage)
- Yahoo Mail

5 CDs you couldn't live without:
- My Data CD with my LotR Things on it
- My Data CD with my old Desktop on it
- A Blank CD
- A Blank CD
- A Blank CD

5 favorite books at the moment:
- Wizard (It's the Sports Illustrated for Comics)
- Density Of Souls (Chris Rice)
- Lord of the Rings: Making of the Trilogy

5 games you like to play:
- Truth or Dare
- I Never
- FF X
- To Tell the Truth

5 random facts about you:
- I'm a natural blond.
- I can dislocate the thumb on my left-hand.
- I design tattoos (for friends for free).
- I have seen Spice World five times.
- I talk to myself. Full on conversations. With commentary and arguments and sometimes I get mad at myself and stop talking to myself but I can't shut up for long so it always starts back up again.

5 countries you would like to visit:
- New Zealand
- Japan
- China
- England
- Australia

5 words or phrases you always use:
- Dude
- Fuck!
- I'm gonna eat your brain!
- Bite me!
- Elijah Bloom (I can't say his name right anymore. It's all abundantlyqueer's fault!)

5 favorite articles of clothing/accessories:
- My necklaces (All five)
- My rings (All four)
- My bracelets (All twenty-nine of them)
- My Batman shirt
- My jeans (The pair with the legs ripped up the back to my knee's)

5 favorite movies:
- I can never really make up my mind about things like this but The LotR Trilogy is defiantly in there.

5 things you are obsessed with at the moment:
- Lord of the Rings
- The Lord of the Rings actors
- LotRPS
- Flying With the Eagles
- Getting out of doing Math

5 hobbies of yours:
- Reading
- Drawing
- ...
- ...
- I really need a life.

5 favorite foods:
- Chocolate
- Fettucini Alfredo
- Anything not Job Corps made
- Anything not Job Corps made
- Anything not Job Corps made

I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form. Just waste a few seconds and put yourself on the map, together we can populate the world not in thatway...
(Then get your friends to!)

[ETA] 7:55pm 8-8-04, just handcuffed to the desk by Amanda!Roomie. Bitch.

[ETA] 3:01am 8-9-04, out of handcuffs a while ago. Sleep now.
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